Annual Festivities

Every year, Caroline Springs hosts their annual summer festival for people all over town and other suburbs come to visit in this sort-of festive event. Once again, just like every year, met up with a couple of friends and had the traditional routine of a McDonalds run, catch up and then off to some booths to check out what's free. Ending the night with rides and fireworks. I must say, the fireworks may have been somewhat inferior to last year's display, but surely it kept me staring. I can never help myself. 
The quality of the photos may be terrible but let me justify myself by saying that all you can really bring to a festival is your phone, or in my case, my iPhone. Unless I was willing to carry a massive extra bag around, I think I'll go as compact as possible. Plus, iPhones don't do such a swell job in such dark conditions anyways. 


Modify A Dress Tutorial (kinda)

Here is the result of a few dresses which I had already modified. I was originally going to post a written tutorial as well as a video but my father seemed to have "accidentally" deleted the pictures off the camera. Tomorrow, I would have hopefully posted an outfit tutorial. Enjoy this and the video below!


Some Rarities ...

My cover of Zee Avi's song, 'Bitter Heart'...


Preparation. Inspiration.

These lovely ladies have mastered their own ways of wearing their Lita's. My 'reps' are scheduled to arrive next week so in the meantime, you'll just find me browsing blogs, looking for any other interpretations.




The Males Construct

I see you've somehow managed to locate yourself to a new addition of my blog. Even I sometimes become a little estranged from the female world of glamour and fashion. I admit that sometimes, looking at mens fashion can also conjure many inspirational thoughts and images all into my little head. All the males can certainly take notes of whatever may attract them and the ladies can just sit and indulge in the pretty imagery already prepared. Agree?
All images via Chichtopia Facebook 


First of The Many Lists of This Year

So here it goes... my first wish list for the year and I'm starting off with ASOS just because of the Australian online store which it had open a couple of months ago and of course, because I love dresses and I found these lovely items much too endearing. 
All images via ASOS