Thursday of My Life

I intened to post this on the Thursday which had just passed though I didn't think it was a good idea if I hadn't had any pictures up. I have got to say, I survived a Thursday after making my way to the city to watch Relient K and Paramore the night before. A teeth gritting exam to pass and kick ass in, helping my mother with more shopping and decorating for my party [which by the way is tonight and I am absolutely stoked and stressed out for], then coming to my schools Art show "Encore" and entering as a "VIP" because I was a "musician" and I was "with the band". All I ended up doing was changing the setting on Lexi's amp because he doesn't have a pedal. I feel like his amp bitch. Rochet's performance was really good and the artwork displayed were so greatly inspiring. It was a good night.

The exam made Kostas and I incredibly nervous and we had never felt so unprepared even though we were. He felt the need to gag before the judges came in but I'm so glad he held it until the end. The policy for judges is to make sure that they don't show any expression and pretty much enter the exam room as cold as they can. The ones we got were tapping their feet, smiling and leaning forward. Apparently that was an unfair advantage. Don't know why but it definantly made me feel much more confident and overall, I'm so proud with our performance. It was the best and we dressed up for the so called "occasion". Very formal we were and Kostas was looking his best which was great. He saved me heaps of times and I am heaps thankful.

The best thing was that we finally got to take some group photos with band members and my music family. After waiting a whole year, we finally had the incentive to bring one small digital camera and press that one big button to capture our best times with eachother. We ended up using Rochet's camera and I have kinda stolen most of her pics sooo here they may be...


Wet Day Timetable

Last class I was meant to find my way to my original pathways classroom but somehow I couldn't find the motivation to walk in the rain, helping my school uniform to stiffen up and make me feel uncomfortable. Instead, I was happily accepted into my mentor's media class to finish off some "work" which I happened to completely ignore. A very much slow realization that procrastination gets you no where at school, especially- "lolololololololololololololololololololololol!" [Joel's little contribution to my post]- when there are Apple Macs dominate the room.

Here's what we got up to...


Sharing Something Small

I checked out this website today and some had brought a smile to my face...


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