Sweet N' Salty

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Butterscotch Frosting

As much as salted caramel can be pleasing to the palette, I'd much prefer chocolate coated pretzels and I  actually think they're the perfect combination. The Chocolate Box beats Cadbury in this department (no hate, still love Cadbury) and the only reason I'm hooked on these is because my supervisor would walk into work and let us have some to munch on. I'm guilty of buying not one, but two packets last night to suffice for the weekend but *peeps into packet* it seems I only have two left from my first packet. I'm a sucker for this kind of sweet, and I like how confused my tongue becomes when it rolls around the salt crystals. It's sad to see this packet empty, so I'm now drooling over some chocolate and pretzel recipes. 

Hey, don't hate me for craving these now. I'm actually on the same boat as you.


Love Letters

Adorable writing sets by An April Idea from Brisbane.


Light Reading Before Business

I've actually started one assessment which is marked as a minority compared to the rest but never the less, it's still one down and 10 to go for the trimester? I think? Even that, I'm uncertain of. I remember how determined and hard working my mamabird was when she was studying to be a nurse. I want to be just as persistent as she was as compared to what I was and let's be honest, a majority of you are when it comes to uni work. I won't lie. I started things days before due dates, forgot what work I needed to have brought with me and only wanted to at least pass my subjects. But it's 2014 and I've already declared a successful year. And if I'm not doing what I should be then Peter is less than shy to tell me so. He's probably my biggest motivator/motivation to help accomplish all I want this year. So sadly, I have to minimize my light reading including daily visits to blogs BUT I refuse to distance myself away from my own so I hope I eased you with that one.

Tempt shirt
Glassons scalloped shorts

One Down

I did it! I survived my first week (3 days) of uni and admittedly, although this week was quite a breeze, something surely tells me that won't be the case at all. Living in such a technological age, I'm not used to not having hard copies of anything in my hands and existing physically in front of me. Now, I am surely but slowly familiarising myself with everything I need which is all online. I feel too young to be feeling old the way that I do but I am still yet to grasp the concept of how each unit can be found online with each not being represented like the other. I say it's difficult but nothing a few hours of aimless wandering on the uni site won't fix. Sure, many uni's are probably up to date with this but I haven't been in uni for 2 years I'd say, and I went to a private one and the differences are comparable to certain extremes. Other than being technologically disabled as of this week, I'm certain I'll get the hang of this. But just for now, I'm just a little bit slower than usual. But my Lectures are great, so are my tutorial teachers. I have used quite a bit of my breaks to locate toilets around the campus since I have just way too many liquids throughout my day and I efficiently used my time finding power points so I can charge my laptop and phone when I can whilst going through outlines and coursework. But now I'm looking forward to what I will have achieved by the end of this trimester.

Glassons Shirt
Glassons Trousers
Converse Sneakers
UniHood Bag (present from Peter)


Counting Blessings

I'm quite certain that I've done a similar post before when I was using Tumblr as my blogging platform and so I'm doing it again just because of how happy and extra excited I feel as of this moment. I've envisioned this year to be a successful one for myself and the start of this year couldn't of been better than it has been. There's so much I am thankful for and I cannot begin to explain how this makes my insides feel. One of the things I am extremely thankful for is the loving and encouragement that my parents have given me towards the course I am now undertaking which is a double degree in Bachelor of Arts and Education (secondary). They have spoken over me through and through and have blessed me by joining me with this overwhelming joy I have, knowing that this is what God wants me to do. I was accepted into two courses with with I chose to enrol in this current one since it's much more exciting. I'm just too filled in delighting in all that God is still giving me.

I've also had a spur-of-the-moment idea to completely change my room around 2 weeks prior to uni starting and boy was that frustrating. Though it's not entirely finished right now since I still have to buy a few minor things like a mirror, extra sheets, book shelves, new curtains and install my block-out I also felt like purchasing, it's slowly transitioning into quite a simple room. If I were to compare my room now to what it was like 10 years ago... -anyway, that's for another post. I would love love love to thank my dad and Peter for helping me out here. I had mini fits of frustration since time has it's own side as I was desperate to get things done and perfect before uni. It's still not complete but I'm slowly coming at ease with myself and my rather rash decision of such changes. Not once did they complain and not once did they pinpoint how silly I was to even consider it. ALSO, can I just... yeah... Peter spoils me endlessly, This is where I ask myself how I even got the guy's attention. My sheets, my bedside tables... I never ask him for anything and if it is anything, it'd be food but he gives and gives and my heart explodes with how much love he shows. 

Secondly this post has taken me a few days to make since I've been typing during uni intervals and focusing mostly on quite a lot of organising with uni stuff and my room in general. I guess I was just very excited to share a post with you on how abundantly blessed I am feeling. My mamabird has also been so kind and loving and still continues to feed me with spiritual wisdom that she knows I need. Ahh... I'm so thankful for her and am still excited to see her through this year in all she does in her life and in mine. Apologies on the lack of pictures.


Meet My Little Man

You're probably wondering what exactly I could be doing in that picture but I actually think that blurriness of whatever is on top of my head depicts all the reasons why I may not have formally introduced him to you. He is a bundle of great joy and clumsiness if you ask me. He makes taking pictures with him quite a task with his eagerness to roam and pounce when you're not looking. I gave up with the right camera settings just to show you how much of a nuisance he can be when held for longer than 3 seconds. Most of them were really blurred photos from his head trying to bite my hand so I could put him down. As most ferrets are kept in a cage indoors, mine seems to be living the life in the side yard with an open space and a bunny hutch to climb into which is always open. That being said, it did take quite some time to ferret-proof that place as ferrets are just way too clever and find the most ridiculous spaces to get caught in. He's a runner, a climber and a jumper for sure. Our previous ferret was a sleeper, a hugger and a kisser and their personalities will never be quite like each other. Though he lives outside, he gets indoor privileges as well for a couple of hours a day to play, eat and hide our shoes... trust me, he's a huge fan of shoes! Sampson is the biggest clown I've ever laid eyes on and my parents and I spoil and love him to bits. I'm so glad he's healthy and will sure be around for quite some time at the Rivera residence. 


Be Compulsive

I'm not going to lie... I've been so curious and rather anxious to try another bath bomb and bubble bar. So I did. I think constant trips to Lush to buy bath products might just be a thing for me this winter. I was soaked up smelling really sweet while the steam helped me savour my warm surroundings. I used the really cutely shaped Space Girl bath ballistic and paired that lovely fruity scented bomb with the soothing and quite relaxing creamy blackberry Mini Comforter bubble bar. Gosh, how am I still enjoying this so far? I'm glad I still have some of each bubble bar left so I can use it for the next week. But I really need to keep my baths to a maximum of once a week but this Lush temptation just isn't helping me. I haven't even tried a bath melt which goodness knows I want to try too. I think the key to finding the best bath products is to just smell them. I mean, that's if you're not allergic to any of their ingredients, otherwise... I condone the act of compulsive buying of products that smell and feel that good. 


Visits For A Little One

Peter and I made a quick stop at a friend's house to meet their newest addition to their family and give them presents which we made for the little bub. I'm actually quite proud of the bowtie/tux bibs that I had made and for some reason forgot to take pictures of how adorable they were. The little one still has some growing to do until he can wear our bibs and get them dirty. Although I have my 3-4 year olds on Sunday mornings, I think it's been years since I last gently carried a newish-born baby in my arms. He was super tiny and very light, yet I had this feeling like he'd fall through my arms for some reason. It was such a joy to measure his hands and feet to my fingers and listen to him grunt as he lay there. The Graham's are such a lovely little family and it's wonderful to know that Peter is in complete awe and admiration for them. He's obviously known them longer than I have and I know for a fact that he loves them wholeheartedly, he's inspired by them and he looks up to them greatly. They are beautiful people and it's so so good to know them.


New Season's Happiness

Summer has come short of its season as the temperatures begin to drop in time for autumn -the season of vibrant earthy hues falling from the trees onto the streets and pathways as the cool air sends through me under the sheets. Lately I've been thinking of quite a few changes that I'd like to make for this year like one dramatic one which is to sort-of renovate my whole room and turn it from the yellow that it is to a more neutral white. I've also decided to avoid going stationary shopping for the first time because I mean, when does a girl ever turn stationary down when when the opportunity arises for the start of uni? But I just know and have learned that I just won't use them all. Along with this, on most days after or before work, I have actually been in and out of Lush just to smell their products over and over again. I'll admit that I am a sucker for colours and good marketing. I felt like buying half the store most of the time. I've tried a few body and face products in the store and I finally walked out with a bag of goodies. They don't have a big or great selection of bath bombs and bubble bars at the moment as they usually do BUT I must digress when I say that I walked away with a box full of a few of my favourite things. I was lucky enough to have the last Bunty box which the sales assistant was really happy to hear that it was actually for myself and not a present for someone else. I was definitely most excited about trying the Creamy Candy bubble bar because I love sweets and creamy smells as apposed to florals and musky scents and this was exactly what it's called. And so I finally had a bath. As soon as I crumbled a bit of this under the running water, I promise it was like an explosion of candies in the bathroom. The more you crumble, the more bubbles you get, and that my friends... instantly sells me. I can still smell it right now. I am in love with this because when I got out of the bath, my skin was thanking me for it. I also dropped the Think Pink ball ballistic in as well and it was just really exciting to watch. While it fizzed up, it was literally shooting pink and red heart confetti's which sank to the bottom or floated around. It was beautiful and I still can't believe how excited I was to try it. 

I don't actually often take baths. In fact, I wasn't a fan. My bathtub is a little too small, I don't like the bumps where my feet rest and every time I drain the water, it makes loud suction noises that scares me to death. But I did quite enjoy my one tonight and I feel nice and relaxed and warm too. I've never scheduled pamper nights, although tonight wasn't exactly that. But I might just re-reconsider the whole bathing experience because I highly doubt I won't be walking into Lush the next time I walk past it. Plus, I liked being able to watch an episode of The Originals and see Nicklaus on my screen once again while I was warm and happy.