Trip down to Bunnings

D.I.Y and housework tools are not my thing but I thought I'd help Father with his selection of metal; bolts, screws and all for the pergola out in the back.
I never would have though that the smell of lumber would ease me. As I walked through the wood isles with Father, it was though each timber piece had their own scent, maybe they did but it only amused me. There was scent of musk and then hay, then some smelt of vinigar which was strange but only made me less bored of this stereotypical warehouse for the handy men of families. I wandered off to explore the place, to touch each gadget on the shelves, pretending as if I knew what I was doing. Of course, since the warehouse was mostly men-dominated, a few of the opposite sex were eyeing me. I wonder what their thoughts may have been, nothing of the explicit nature I hope for it was a cold day and there for I was dressed in proper jeans and a thick warm jacket. I had been careful not to offend the weather. I picked up the biggest drill and much to my surprise, it wasn't as heavy as I thought. The man working in the tools section laughed at me, bemused at my actions. I had been concentrating too much on imagining what I would look like using it, and my hand gestures? It was a LOL moment for the employee and I. One isle made me laugh for it was filled with crayons of many colours and pencils too. Men need crayons? It was a funny thought. They didn't have packets of them though, but if I was a man, it would be too hard to choose what colour. I thought men only used markers and grey leds. Wrong again missy. A sight which made me cringe the most was the girl at the counter. Age? Probably 18. She had lucious red hair but her fingernails were 4 times the size of a normal fingernail. They were painted red, but I do believe they were acrylic, I was focusing on analysing her. I could barely understand the words that came out of her mouth. The size of the gum she was chewing was as big as ping pong ball and all she did was chew and chew and talk and chew. I saw men eyeing her, but then look away because of the unattractivness she brought forth with the open-mouth chewing marathon she had going on at her counter. But other than that, I guess she was pretty. The last isle that we passed through was filled with different sized pipes and pipe-connectors. As stupid as it may sound, let me warn you that I had fogotten that people are walking all over the place every moment and a beeping was going on and off. Grabbing two long pipes, I used them as binoculars to look through. Father was by my side and he thought it was funny and smirked. Then the beeping got louder and I looked up behind me with my so called "binoculars", a man was standing in an extremely tall vehicle right behind me. I quickly put the pipes down but I had hit the behicle hard with it and screamed out sorry. Off to the car we went. I tried to walk as fast as I could. I just could't bare the embarrassment from that. It was a good day :).


Future changes

Due to minor goals and ambitions in the future, I will be changing my blog and it shall be a surprise. I don't know yet if I will be keeping the name, but I do know that the layout and colour schemes will change. Unfortunately it may consequently lead me to deleting my previous blogs :/ which is shattering because I love reading over my memories and I have not jotted any of these ones down.

VCE Music Night

Didn't know that Mel and Bdave were gonna come last night but I think that Rochelle invited them. It was nice of them to do so.

The day had been so nerve racking for us young musicians. Rehearsals had gone terribly wrong and some people were just not up for a Music Night. If you thought about it, we had very few songs to perform last night but all this preparation and rehearsal was stressing out the teacher, but the students mostly. Several songs had to be learned on the day and a few were not even finished. You probably found very little confidence in the performers during the early hours of the morning. Using the very little time we were given, we spent it wisely so that we could perfect our songs before the night. The hour had arrived for the recital to begin and the atmosphere was filled with anxiety and tension, though the audience did not sense it.

I must say, sitting down for the first half had excited me and I was not disappointed. I'm very proud of my classmates and they did an amazing job. The girls looked stunning and the boys had performed astoundingly.

To my dismay, the first song I sang was not up to scratch and therefore, flaws were noticeable. Thankfully, I was told that my voice sounded nervous and that was a good sign that it didn't sound so bad after all. The final song blew the night. I am very thankful to Aaron Mazo and my dearest Inkarri for showing moral support as they were the only two who DEATH moshed to my song...almost hurting people in the process. It was very uncomfortable to see a camera watching me though, because they are very unforgiving devices that capture your every move and flaw you create in an instant.

Anyways, well done to the brave performers who had the courage to stand up to a crowd of many. I'm very proud and it was once again, a great experience.


Happy Birthday Dad

It's his birthday and I didn't greet him because I woke up a little later than usual only because I didn't sleep properly last night. But I called him during lunch time and greeted him so most is all good.
One minus for the day was that poor baby Thumbalina had a generic disease which had stopped her nerves from working from her back all the way down her right leg and tail. The Vet said she wouldn't last very long at all so he told us it would be better to put her to sleep and so we did. We said our goodbyes to my cutest rat and I never saw her again :'(. On the way home from the Vet my eyes were balling a mass amount of tears that I couldn't see anything that was outside the car window. My cry was pretty silent though but when I got home the sniffles took place and so my face looks very drowsey now.
Not much for an average day...


Ebay is a good freind I guess...

I've been having a craving for an era setback for quite a while and it's driving me nuts! I'm not quite sure what the movie is called but I remember watching a movie with my Ate Aiza with the oh so gorgeous Elijah Wood. He didn't know if his father was still arrive and all he did was write him letters and keep them in his suitcase. He wrote his letters with the shiniest, most prettiest, red typewriter ever! And now I've been looking for one that I reallly want and will pay my money for it. So far Ive had a lot of luck finding the ones I crave for but with a little less luck, bidding goes soooo high that I ca't afford it. There are local pick ups but in the US. There are local pick ups in Australia too but they're in Sydney, Brisbane or 2 hours away from Melbourne and my parents won't be bothered to drive all that way :(.
I had my eyes on this for a while but I'm still contemplating.
...isn't she lovely? I think she is. But there are other items on ebay that I'm still watching sooo yeah :) hopefully there is one I could have. Even if it doesn't look as nice as this one I guess.
Oh and byt the way, I found out that there will be a new Typo store opening in Highpoint quite soon! Cannot wait because it's has thee best stationary. Will be going to harbourtown with my parents just so I can go shopping there but shoosh or they won't take me.


Happy Mother's Day!

I just want to take this time to say thank you to every mother in the world who is hardworking, committed and loving when it comes to their family. I'm so thankful that God decided to choose my mother now to come and take me, and love me, and nurture me as if I was her own, real daughter. She has been the best mother ever and throughout the years we just keep becoming cloer and closer as mother and daughter. She full on dedicated, and she's always stressed out when it comes to me. I'm her only daughter and I am already a handful for her...but she says that I am a blessing as she is to me.
I wonder what people got or made their mothers for today. I'm taking her out on Wednesday night to watch 'Letters to Juliet' because today's been a family day, tomorrow is monday and I have a SAC Tuesday which is also my keyboard day...so Wednesday was chosen :).


So upset

Mother was so convinced that she would neuter Chace just so we could keep the poor little boy but instead, she wants to give him away...TOMORROW! Poor bubby, he will miss his family soo much and he's going to stress, and what's worse is that the family my mum is giving him to doesn't have another male rat to keep him company. It's like yanking a 4 yr old boy away from his family to live with one that has no one to communicate with and bond with. I'm not angry, just upset. He's sitting on my lap right now, within my wooly scarf to keep himself warm :(. I have grown so attatched to these pups and I sometimes wish that Tulip had given birth to all girls. I don't want to give Chace away! I want a boy rat too. I probably wouldn't be able to stand the pain I'd be left with when he's gone. I love animals, and I care too much for them. I would hate it if Poo-chu was taken away from me...I'd probably cry bucket loads of tears for her. I just can't let my pets go.


In terrible need for a job

Staying home today for my monthly friend has decided to come and pay me a painful visit.
I don't really have anything I want to save up for only because my 18th birthday is coming up at Halloween XD but I would like to earn money and become a bit more independant in that department only because I'm constantly feeling bad about my Mother spending money on her only child. I'm inheriting a car, WILL be a proud owner of a lovely baby grand, I've finally recieved my totally cool vintage 1960's model of a Diana F+, and next year my mother will be urged to buy me a laptop before I start my course wherever I get accepted...and if I get accepted. Don't you find it funny how you want to spend your money on things and your parents say, "No, don't spend your money, save it" but for what exactly? I've got nothing I want to save up for! I'm thankful that God placed me in a family that provides everything I need and more for me. And when it comes to money, I'm not bad with it. I'm not constantly buying something with it, I've learned in the past year to stop buying canteen food because it's crap and expensive. I don't spend my money on overly priced products, and if you knew me, I'm probably the most cheapest person you would know. If i found a bargain, then yes I would buy it, but who doesn't buy a blouse that is in perfect condition and is on sale for $5? Cheesles. And I barely go out to be able to into a shop to find good clothes. But when it comes to money, I will admit, I am very good at budgeting, when I want something, I do my best to earn it. It takes a good few weeks of waiting and dedication of not spending my Pocket Money to buy what I want.
Now, I do believe it's time for me to get a job. I don't care if it's on the weekends, which is what I would prefer actually. Sorry, I just felt like letting all this out because I'm always envying the vintage blogspots that I look at like "The Clothes horse", "Adore Vintage", "Calivintage (stuff hyperlinking). AND MODCLOTH :( I can never afford anything from there. But one day...yes one day I will be a proud owner of something from their shop.

- Geeze I found her. I left her wandering around the house whilst I was typing this blog

Btw, since I have been lavished by my lomo and everything that came with it, here's a picture of the camera FT. Spotty in the background.


What a cute warm season scene, I love what she's wearing:

And what a lovely cold seasoned scene with mine and Inkarri's future dog, scottish terrior:

(Pictures from the Adore Vintage blogspot)