Haven't been on for a while

Due to important people and important schoolwork I havent entered a blog in a while so I am truely sorry. Anyways I havent done much, I just had a mega fail of a SAC for pyschology and I don't even want to see my mark for it. I know I'll pass but oh my gosh I'd probs still get the worst grade...or not. The weather is starting to get cold now and I absolutely love winter as "fashion never sweats". Summer was the worst, got that stupid pigmy condition on my face and my skin went as black as Roly for aaaages! I did get upset yesterday though, I had done my hair on the way to school and on the way back home before VET, God decided it would have been fun to soak me with rain...I wanted to cry. But yeah winter ftw.

Last night I was thinking about nursery rhymes and oh my goodness, I seriously didn't know my alphabet. Well I did, I meant that I didn't know the tune for it but then I remembered that it sounded the same as twinkle twinkle so it's all good. Have you heard of that nursery rhyme, hey diddle diddle? I sang that too and I remember always believing that the dish and the spoon were lovers. Every picture I've seen they're always so close and...I don't know.


Not so nameless anymore

I finally got some pictures of my little pups but i couldn't get them as a group because they are at the stage of exploration...they won't stop moving when I put them down! Two and two are of the same colour and I've learned to figure out their differences so I can distinguish who is who by their patterns :)
This is Thumbalina. Her colour is brownish-grey so she will look nothing like spotty and her pattern is not connected to her hood.

This is Daisy. The difference between her and her mother is the nipples because Tulip gave birth and now their all saggy LOL.

This is Tinkerbell. She has the same colour as Thumbalina except her pattern goes all the way down her spine with two dots on her back.

And this is chace. He has a rounder face than Daisy and his pattern is a bit more like a wierd upside-down triangle. Shame I have to give him away because he's a boy and it's $150 to neuter a rat :(.


This one time at band camp...

Hey! I came back yesterday from my school's so called "band camp" but really it's music camp, but it gives me the excuse to use the overly used phrase. It was awesome! I had been to last year's camp and it was good too because we made friendels with other schools, but this year was the best! Even though we said hi to people from other schools, we focused more in building relationships with our school's young musicians :). We bonded and became closer friends even with the younger ones like little Liam who's in yr 8 and Fergus who's in yr 9 and played drums for me. They were both so sweet. Also I got to know the yr 11's much more like Omar, Rachael, Alex and Kostas. T'was the best time we've spent together.
Let me just reminisce on some camp memories:
- Sneaking out the first night was awesome! hehe. Walked around the lake and over the brigde with the boys from CSC. Roche didn't come coz she was too tired. Kostas' "girl" made us stay and wait for her for an hour so she can sneak out and ended up not sneaking out in the first place. After that we went back to the boys cabin and I slept at Carlito's feet haha grose I know!
- A plus at camp was seeing my music teacher who isn't really a teacher, more like an instrumental teacher who DOES NOT teach me but more like helps the yr 12s with VCE MUSIC XD. It was so good to have him there coz 1. He's really, really good looking and 2. The band couldn't do anything right without him. ...But mainly coz he's good looking.
(this wasn't taken at camp and you can't really see him properly but yeah)

- Performed Misery Business, it was really good except maybe not to David's (the one who's not really my music teacher) standard but it was good without him. I'm already missing Fergus coz he was so cool.
- Laugh SOOOOOOOO much at Carolito's hand gestures of this really mean and annoying teacher from Maribyrnong College. She whispered when there was need for it at all.
- The fact that I was thinking of which character Alex reminded me of and at dinner I finally figured out who it was that he looked like. MELMAN! from Madagascar...you know, the girraffe.

(yes i know in this picture you can barely see his face but i swear they look alike...and the pics looks tiny so sorry)
- Playing Truth or Dare with Roche, Carlito and Alex on Emil's iTOUCH and the dare's were all so wrong.
There was so much more that happened that I really can't remember but I'm just really happy to be back home with my parents and pets. BTW the babies have opened their eyes. "Band Camp" was a highlight of the year for me.


Tulip's baby video


Daddy pays my bills

Dad's been using my Paypal account waaay too often so he's promised to give me a lot of money next time he gets paid...and I'm spending that money and some money I saved from my birthday to be able to purchase one of these babies. I'm not going to name this camera but i swear it is the shizz right now. I've been obessing over it and now I have come to the conclusion that I WILL buy it for myself...along with some sick gadgets that fit it. Screw poloroid and love the vintage. When you can, visit lomography.com. Getting it off Ebay.
Here's some example pictures that this baby can take:

I know the pics are small...and they've only been taken recently coz I've been trying to keep up to date with it :D


Happy, happy Easter to one and all!

What an amamzing day! This is the day that the Lord has risen back from the damned dead. I love Christ's story, his passionate love for all of humanity. What he did to save us all from our dirty sins. I don't know if I'd ever die for someone. But he died for us. That horrible death, crucified so we could be set free from bondage. That sort of love has embraced every one of us and all I know is that there is no such love as this. So powerful, and almost unreal but it is! I just want to thank God for giving up his own son who suffered horribly on the cross for me and you. To save us from ourselves.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope that God has left you something in your heart that you may continue to nurture in the spirit and help it grow into something huge that was already planned for you even waaaay before you and I were born. Oh and I hope you got chocolate! Lots and lots of choclate eggs and bunnies! But make sure you don't eat too much. I know I've enjoyed half my share.

hehe :)


Look Book's Winter Excuses

T'was the first time I'd ever been on Lookbook today and I was completely impressed by it. The girl's fashion, yes again, jealousy took over me but it was the men who stood out for me today. Maybe it was because some male models looked gay or what they were wearing was plain ass wierd, but really I loved it. Funnily enough, I wasnt even checking out the guys at all. Just checking out the hot outfits that look well-and-ready for winter :).

Just fab.

Katherine's 18th

Just arrived home from OC's lovely tea party. Lana is an amazing designer! The whole backyard looked just lovely for a tea party. The cakes and food looked sooo cute! But i hate cake so I dint really fancy eating any one them. So many candles everywhere and the bar was hilariously amazing! Kudos to Inkarri and McLean for their spontanious drinks. The night was just wonderful and many girls looked pretty. I made Katherine a pig for her present, shame I didnt take a picture. No, she does not remind me of a pig. I just had nothing to give her so I had to make her something that was pink.

My phone has no flash so it's got crap quality during the night but this is Kat's pretty cake.

Again, my phone has crap quality but this is her candelit garden fit for a midnight picnic.



Been checking out modcloth for aaaaaages now and other sites alike. I know it's obvious but most things vintage/retro/indie are the ugly things that your eye never usually gets attracted to in an oppshop. I've been drooling over many items lately but there's no use when old, quirky, second hand clothing is behing sold for more than it's worth. So I was thinking, I'd actually like to save up money every month (thank God that's about 80 bucks), and just look for the not-so-attractive-unless-i-try-it-on clothes and re sell them for twice as more as I would have bought them from the oppshop. So how about it aye? What? I was just inspired because I envied all the etsy things I cannot afford.

Bringing out the Dusty ones

My gosh, so many people are obsessing over shoes that are either doc martens, or of the same sort of style as them. I've had a pair that my cousin gave me over a year ago and I've rarely worn them. They're so chunky to wear.
These babies are my old ass ugly pair. They're a maroon/black colour and I've probably only worn them less than 5 times since I got them. Girls are wishing to get a pair and loving it. Maybe I should start wearing them? I don't even know what i could wear with them :S.

A need for an introduction?

Hello chumchums!
I was actually meant to make a blog account before school started for the year just so I could get into the mood of writing/typing for VCE. And it would be better to type stuff down rather than wasting hours on dear old facebook when no one talks to me anyways. So I've only decided to make one now, shows how lazy I am :). Ok, so my ABOUT ME section tells you a tincy bit of me, so maybe this could be counted as a continuation. I'm also just trying to make my FIRST blog.
I may look like an extremely boring person, well that's maybe because you were looking at me when I was listening to another person talk or I was probably just zoned out of life. Well I've actually been experiencing the wierdest things in life that I'm always eager to tell someone and it's totes worth listening or in your case, it's worth reading. It's night time so i shall make this speedy. I enjoy going to youth and church which ironically enough is called Enjoy church. Most of my friends are from there. Also love my dear school friends who I believe to be total nongheads and are thee best at it. I don't work, although I'm kinda desperate. ATM I use my weekly allowance as money to save up with :(. Winter is my favourit weather as "fashion never sweats" and I just love layering up. Summer just doesn't cut it for me coz everyone wears the same thing on extrememly hot days; shorts and a singlet. Oppshops. I live with my parents and they are the most wierdest freaks that I love. I have pets who ahve all seemed to grow fat and cute....but yes I know that's bad. I get amused by the quirkiest things and right now The only people I can think up of to tell you that I really like is Zooey Dechanel and Hannah Beth.
So there's alot more, but ceebs having to tell you a whole life story :P
I'm gonna skitskatskidaddle now.