Quirky Love: Kaleidoscope Eyes

Let me remind you how much I love colours...

DJ Entries

So I would like to introduce this small section to my blog which is called DJ Entries [Dream Journal] because I haven't been getting into the habit of writing things down myself [since technology pretty much over-rules my whole life now]. I have the most amazingly ridiculous dreams that I sometimes wish I created the stories myself. The are seriously the most amusing yet, disturbing dreams so I'd like to share that with you, if you're willing to read it. I had one last night, or rather this morning actually, and it was about the end of the world. Let me explain...

It was the end of days. The sky made rapid shrieks of thunder, scaring the rest of us with the powerful sight of lightening. Some of us prepared the magical trees. Some, assigned to magical people. One man had accidentally let go of the magical man he was trying to tame, yet it didn't run away. Instead, he did what I assumed to be urinating on the poor man, but apparently not. He was washing the man with Holy water which just so happened to come from the lower parts of us humans. -This was the most odd this I've ever dreamed about but it somehow didn't creep me out whilst I was there-. I looked up into the misty shadows of the sight of many lanky-like trees. They stood tall and superior to the rest of the trees. Once again, the walking, talking and very shady tree began to "wash" some people with Holy water. I have no clue if anything in my dream is of certain symbolic elements to my life or my future, but this is just ridiculous. 

I ran with an old man who gave me a magical blanket. Apparently, I was forbidden to show and evil Princess this magical blanket so as I went past her as discretely as I could, she spotted me carrying this blanket of pure magic. -This occasionally happens in my dreams. I always seems to get caught-. She commanded me to give her the blanket so my thoughts were to pretend that I didn't want it anyway. I tried to make myself look inconspicuous on purpose just to lead her to believe that the blanket wasn't the real one. That it was a fake. "We can share it if you like" she said and I answered "Uh, no. You can keep it um, if you like. I don't uh, really want it. Here, it's yours forever now". She became to curious and quite cautious about the blanket that she ended up giving it to me. Silly princess.

I ran to shelter and met a group of friends. We were to stay together but one of them refused to stay. She wanted us to save he world. In my dream, the way we would save the world is if we "danced". -I know, it's becoming really ridiculous!-. She left the house and declared it necessary so I followed. And one of my other friends told me that everything was okay and that we would win amongst all the other people who were "dancing" the wrong dance.

As I followed behind, everything passed by me in slow motion. I looked up into the now perfectly darkened sky, winds whirling like crazy up there. I look to find my friends and they were gone. I look to my right and I see a boy about the age of 4 or 5, he was in slow motion too. He was doing Tai-Chi in his front lawn. And his dad [or I assumed to be his dad] appeared behind him. The boy stopped and tried to run but because he was in slow motion, he ran to slow and his dad vanished. Then I woke up.

That was it, a pretty wacky dream that makes absolutely no sense. I hope you found it interesting though.


I Feel A Wishlist Coming Along

All images via Modcloth

Well the list could go on but these romantic dresses just happen to be the ones that Modcloth keeps telling me to look at.


It's become quite evident that  I've grown out of my celebrity-teen-crush part of my life or no other male musician is much too good looking enough to phase me once again. But I do say that I won't stop having crushes on blogs of real women who are constantly inspiring me everyday. These women are all bloggers and I'm so glad that we share a passion that thousands of other people like to do. Obviously, I don't often have the time to make outfit posts everyday as these people do, but when I can, I will. Sometimes these people are the reason why I want to be the better me.
Here's a new blog that's been catching my attention for a couple of weeks now but I'm finally alert enough to share her blog with you. Wunderlust. Just like any other woman that I'm so glad exist in this small world today, she is talented and loves what she does. Karin is a photographer of her own pictures but they are just so beautiful. She often takes her outfit posts in her garden on a bench or her small table set with a few quirky objects insight for the use of decor. She's very creative and i have no idea what is it about her pictures, but I find them so captivating.
All images via Wunderlust


Peter Pan Collars - Giveaway

Wooh! Watch the tutorial.

I've got an awesome GIVEAWAY featuring the prize of PETER PAN COLLARS all hand made by me (properly)!!! Just leave a comment below including your full name and email address that i can personally contact you through, assuming that you read your emails (This applies to Tumblr and Blogger too).

I'm giving 3 individual collars away. One to a Youtube user, another to a Tumblr user and to another user on Blogger. Click any of the links below and make sure that if your entering either as a Youtube, Tumblr or Blogger user that you enter via those websites.

It is a random pick and I will announce each winner individually, depending on which site you entered from. Please make note that I will pick those who are subscribed/following me from either one of my sites. Rest assured that i do check.

Entries end: 30/06/2011

Entries end: 30/06/2011
Good luck!!!

Have You Got Your Frankie Yet?

Every two months I receive my Frankie Magazine in the mail and it never ceases to amaze me. The contents of each page are just as beautiful and individual as the next. I seems to find myself re-reading submissions of anecdotes or fantasies that are featured. The magazine itself is quite eco-friendly since it's completely recycled and if you didn't know, they're pages are cardboard like rather than glossy and shiny. They also feature many unique independent Australian designers and I have a small collection of some of the designers photography on a canvas in my room. I truly recommend to grab a copy if you have yet to do so.
Image via Frankie


Livin' Lilac

If you don't already know, I love colours and it's only been through out the last 2 years that I've leaned not to have favourite colours. It's just way too hard for me because each colour is unique in its own hue. I really like lilac too right now and I just wished that I could get away with having a full head of lilac hair which is definitely impossible seeing as though my hair is so dark and my skin is too dark. But I like to admire the people who do look good in it.


Quirky Love: Teapots

I'm quite sick at the moment so some fruity tea with honey suckle is due for some drinking at the moment. I'm using my red teapot that ink gave me for christmas and I'm beginning to feel warm and my throat's already starting to feel better. Though, I'm actually not a tea person myself.

If your reading this and your not enjoying a cup of tea yourself, enjoy these instead...

All images have link below them. Enjoy.


Who You Are

I can't really explain my eagerness to know and keep listening to this amazing artist enough for you to fathom me in a way that relates us together. I doubt that none of you are clueless as to who exactly I am talking about but let me break it to you anyway. She's recently become one of my celebrity crushes since I'm just o deeply inspired by her positive attitude towards her incredible music and to herself. She's a British Pop-artist who is currently sitting on top 23 in the iTunes music store with her debut single 'Price tag', which by the way you should totally check out. Jesse is adorable and has a big heart since the audience that her music speaks to is everyone who struggles with personal issues. She's so encouraging and when she speaks of encouragement, there's just this humbleness that comes from her and she's very truthful to herself and her fans. Her songs and the lyrics within are uplifting and not to mention, very catchy to listen to for the bus ride home. 
Her views are the same about fashion too. She's a walking billboard but besides her confidence in what she wears, what inspires me most is her advice to girls who love to dress up and be pretty which is "It's all about how comfortable you are in your clothes. The price should mean nothing compared to your confidence in what you wear." In other words, "it's not about the price-tag" ladies...
All images via Teen



ASOS just released a new Psychobilly trend in their online store and I'm sbsolutely stoked at some of the creative pieces. It's nerd-boy meets punk-girl type of thing and I really like what's in store. I'm fairly tempted, but I can't since I'm saving up for my New Zealand trip. But enjoy these while you can.