Perhaps Spring Visits

Every Monday I'm supposed to start posting outfit posts since it's my only "day off" of school... well sort of. And this wasn't edited until tonight. Excuse my poor skills of focusing because I don't ever look at the photos I've taken, I usually just take them and then leave to discontinue my further embarrassment of posing when cars are often driving past the bridge.

I received in this dress in the mail and was really excited to put it on. I had never bought anything online because as I've said, I'm very sketchy about sizing. I wasn't surprise to find that the size of the dress that I ordered was a size too big. But no matter, I'm quite bold enough to wear it in the size it came. I'm also too lazy to send it back because I'm not as patient when it comes to waiting, even waiting for the dress alone seemed as long as forever. I'll end up tailoring it myself so I'm not fretting so much. I love the lace and the cotton fabric used too. It's comfortable and isn't as itchy as I thought it looked when I opened my package. It's rather pleasant and I really enjoyed wearing it too.


You Remind Me Of A Time

I don't actually think I could ever let go of growing up with dreams and ambitions. To expect a fairytale and fall in love. It seems as though so many of us ladies [or men if you wish to include them too], strive for the need and want to be loved by someone now so that if will feel just as it would in a classic Disney film. Not to say it would't, because it will. But I suppose that it's a feeling or a longing which is inevitable to experience. The wonders and the beauty of sharing certain emotions or feelings like butterflies get us carried away with the reality and what really happens. But if I think of it this way, many of us are infatuated with the idea that a 'fairytale' is a happy ending. Well, yes it is, but we often forget what trials are conquered in between to be able to stand in the certain place that you would like to be. I'm not saying that we have evil step mothers, pushy fathers, or enemies. But what I'm trying to say is that if we want a happily ever after, we'll surely follow through the path of temptation, destruction, disappointments, mishaps and even grievances, but of course that's only a generalisation. 

I really just wanted to post about my favourite Disney films of romance and love. And it's a good way to start my day by reminiscing certain memories that remind me of these characters. Unfortunately, I am unable to link or tell you where I took these pictures from because I've had them saved in my computer for a while.


New Outfit Post Tomorrow :)


Fresh Breath

Spring! It is soon your turn to rule a fresh new beginning. More colour, more sun, more fresh air, and more life. Mint is your colour for me this Spring.

Candy Doll
Alyssa Bird

Mayo Wo
Rosi Vintage

Julia Topaz
Sunday Crossbow

Ashley Oh
Creepy Stranger

Quirky Love: Macrons!!!!

I love Macrons so much! I'm willing to learn how to make them so I can provide everyone with a generous portion for my birthday picnic which I may have plans to actually do... Enjoy these yummy pictures!

Memory Lane

I don't recall how it all started but my friends and I went through a splurge of very old pictures from those days when Piczo was the 'Big Thing'. I won't be posting the pictures here because I'd rather not embarrass myself more since I'm already allowing those pictures to stay on Facebook. So you can definitely snoop for them there. The way in which each individual wrote was almost heartbreaking for me. It's not something I'm proud of at all. We included numbers in our words! We seemed so illiterate and I'm often finding myself rolling my eyes at the poor english skills we had back then. 

Though not all is negative, it showed me how much fun it was to be at that age. How amazing it was to be positive all the time and how important it was to remind people to "stay rad" or "keep rocking". It was good to see that although we lacked some punctuation, we never lacked in our love for each other as friends, and also others. We were very encouraging and that's what is eating me most since I find that now, we have become more than comfortable. 

This shows me that we have grown up far more than what we could have ever expected in the year 2005. I think those days were our best because as much as we acted like tweenies, we also acted like the world was our to conquer. We don't seem to think like that so much anymore. People change, whether or not it be bad. This is why we should never delete things like Piczo or Myspace and soonafter, Facebook. I miss those days, I really hope we can create new and better ones and be beautiful people/friends together.

PS... I sure loved making slides...


Natural Browns

I received these in the mail on Friday and I opened it once I had got home from work. Shot a short video of it onto YouTube and I'll be posting it in this post...



Shades of Blue

Amongst all the online stores who I constantly visit to "screen shop", I found one more that I quite fancy. They're currency can also be converted to AUS dollars to make it easier for me rather than having to Google a currency converter which would take much more effort to do. They are Free People. Anyways, I really like their Summer Blues collection so I'm glad to be sharing it with you.
All images via Free People