My House Would Look Something Like These

My dream house.

Sometimes I like to picture where I'd live and what it would look like. I've figured out that my first house will not be set to the modern world, well not yet anyways. The coloured scheme I've had in mind would be warm earthy colours like oranges, reds, yellows, browns, peaches nudes with a little hint of pastel colours lying around. I would love to live in a house of brick and timber, it'll always feel like a home to me. My own. Of course I would like to share it with someone on day, but that's beyond what the future holds. I wouldn't want to live in a house, maybe an apartment or a studio...I would much prefer that. Antique lampshades, picture frames, Chandeliers and homemade decor would be set up not just for my liking, but for guests to appreciate.
I love to read, and I'd like to keep a collection of books that I've read so I can have a library, although something like this would exaggerate my anthology of novels. But my, it would be nice to have a library.
These are the rooms that I've always dreamed would look like when I was a child. The mystical and whimsy themes make me dream of my childhood all over again. Hiding in my room because I felt it was the safest place in the world. My world.

All images by The Chocolate Brigade

Jeric's Videoshoot

(Mel & Sarah)

Ok, so my plan was to take pictures throughout the day which Jeric had so carefully planned. This video was shot for his 18th birthday which comes up very soon and APPARENTLY there will be lead up videos to his birthday. Can't wait. So batteries died just before we had started filming the part where everyone randomly dances around Jeric whilst he mimes the lyrics to a Justin Bieber song [I know...no need to whine]. It was hilarious and now that I think about it, it was pretty silly because I don't dance and because half of the time that we were being filmed, I was just bouncing. Not looking forward to that part of the video.
I completely missed out on taking pictures during the food fight, or cream fight I should say. It was an amusing moment for Em and I. Watching Jeric getting fully owned by his school friends was a highlight of the day. Holidays are almost over and I wish there were more days such as this, hanging out with your friends. I miss it.

Pictures take by me

Orchid Grey

This is the owner of the blog, Orchid Grey.
Isn't she just pretty?
Needn't I say more...


Project I [Introductory]


Naming my post by Roman Numeric's is something you would rarely see as I was not taught properly in primary school. Guess I'll have to learn now so excuse me if I do get the numbers wrong.
I'm introducing a new part to my blog which will consist of my projects that I carefully make myself. I'm still all new to the sewing thing but I'm sure I'll learn. These holidays have been so fun for me because I have been able to finish off quite a few of them. This first one is my favourite of the bunch from these holidays because it is the first dress I've ever made! I wore it to Max Brenner's the other night when I was out with my fellow Kidmania Leaders. I would have posted sooner but my close friend had made an utter niusence of herself and threw chocolate fondu on my colar. That's alright, I still love her and though my dress was completely new, I forgive her.


Dress:Handmade//Bag:Thrifted//Belt:Thrifted//Shoes:Cotton On//Stockings:Target//Ring:Thrifted//Camera: Diana F+ via Ebay


There are many visible faults on this dress, and I do remind it is the first one that I've made so don't throw a hissy fit at me. I know the colar is too big, and the dress is too short, and sleeve ends weren't sewn properly, but I'm still very happy at the result. I laugh at the fact that I made sooo many mistakes on this dress that I used up 3 whole spools of thread when 1 is only needed! It was so much fun and I am thinking of making another one before these holidays come to an end.


I Fell Madly In Love

I was wandering through the vintage inspired dresses on Modcloth's site and I fell completely in love with this dress! Like I said, floral patterns entices me and the shape of the dress is just perfect! - hence the name of it. I visited Polyvore so I could create some sort of outfit for it and this is what I've got. Yes, you can call me a dreamer for I could not come up with the money to buy all these things...unless I had a job.

Calls for some sun

Calls for some sun by thelittlequirks featuring Seychelles shoes

Trimmed to Perfection Dress-Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothes, $58
Seychelles Women's Blimey Pump, $110
Vintage Aquarius Festival Bag-Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage..., $50
Forever21.com - New Arrivals - 2073150234, $6.80
Mini Straw Hat Hairclip, 6 GBP

Inspiration: The mini straw hat was the cheapest thing I could find and it is so cute! I had found a vintage bag like that at Savers but before I could grasp the item in my hand, some girl took it away from me which filled me with anger and jealousy! Mmmm, most of my favourite bloggers have Seychelles and I found these and I'm quite glad because they don't have the broque pattern on them, I find those grose for heels. But they look so much better in their original model which is broque flats. And of course you have to finish an outfit with a belt. I'm happy with my findings for the day.


Too Much Too Young

Diane who is the personal author of the Too Much Too Young blog, lives life with her 35mm filmed camera. Whilst film is now sold at a high price for there are only rare amounts of people who use it constantly, she is living the dream by reliving and sharing her personal pictures with people who read her blog. She projects her talent through her photography and now I am left anticipating for more. I've decided to follow her blog too for the contents of every post are always as unique as the last. Rummaging through her personal pictures, I find her life one heck of an amazing ride. I peeked through some pictures which she takes herself and her life consists of day trips, regular thrifting, gigs, and insignificant events that take place in her life. I often see her name being mentioned in many other blogs and I decided that it was time to have a look. She rarely takes pictures of herself, but I came across a few that I will share. Her blog is highly recommended.



Dissect One And Put Mascara On The Other


During the week that had just past, Pinky brought over some of his baby bunnies, his brother and an Australian feel good film. I wouldn't say that The Rage In Placid Lake was scantily made but I guess it almost had the same qualities as Napoleon Dynamite. I'm not going to review the whole storyline, I'm just going to focus on the main characters of the movie in a short paragraph. Placid Lake whom by the way has THE most ridiculous name in the world had never really lived a normal life; unique in his own way and always breaching the line, until he joins an insurance company and embarks on a journey to a "normal life". Placid and his bestfriend Gemma Taylor have had a peculiar relationship together and Placid soon realises he wants to pursue a proper relationship with her. Placid and Gemma are such a quirky couple; Placid being open-minded and having brilliant ideas - the nerd who constantly gets battered for being different and Gemma who is the smartest of the duo, only ever being exposed to the interests of her father who influences her decision to become a scientist.


One more thing that I wanted to make note of is Rose Byrne's [Gemma Taylor] wardrobe for the set of The Rage In Placid Lake. I didn't have much luck finding pictures of the movie which had a full body view of what she wears. But The cute vintage cut of her clothes are just adorable. In the second picture with the white blouse, she wears coral shorts and she pulls off the look so well. In the picture above, Rose's dress reminds me of Shop Ruche's Paint The Roses Blue Dress though in blue. There's something about floral print that attracts me, especially when it comes to cute pastel coloured dresses.
In my last picture Rose wears a checkered smock which is simply alluring. The vintage style that I don't believe would ever grow old in any pattern you would wish to choose.