Take Me Away

The weather has been so generous to us Melbournians for the past couple of days and today I finally get to enjoy it myself. It's good to get a dose of Vitamin D everyday or you'll probably be less bothered, like myself, to do anything around the house. The days have finally started to warm up and Summer being just the corner, is looking very promising this year. But I could always be speaking quite to soon as I do live in Melbourne, therefore the weatherman indeed is always wrong. Our weather here is so unpredictable as it changes from sunny to dark, from hot to cold, and from windy to rainy all experienced in one day.

This Summer, Ink and I are off the the second hand shops to check out pricing of second hand bikes which he has already preferenced to purchase himself a BMX. Reason being, he wants to be "Supa Gangsta" like N.E.R.D were in their music video 'Rockstar'. It's a good start to getting fit and healthy. I've tried cycling at home and it's not that bad if your doing it by yourself and watching TV and so I've kind of grown accustomed to the continuous movement of my legs whether it be slow for a long time or extremely fast for a very short time. But for these second hand bikes, I'm already prepared.

Though I would seriously consider buying myself a proper custom made vintage bike like the one I posted up the top there which I customized online from Papillionaire Australia. Cost of course is always the problem for me but I'll stay true and hopefully own one of them babies myself. Also, there is one thing that I would like to try with one of my close friends is rollerskating. Well for me it would be good because after watching "Whip It", directed by Drew Barry Moore, I've had a little itch to try it out. After all, I love coming home from a conert all bruised and battered from my feet to my elbows sowhy not give Roller Derby a try. It looks like heaps of fun trying to knock girls out, but imagine me, I'm so tiny.


The Vintage Taste

Today I was looking at the store directory to the Chadstone shopping centre to look for shops that I may be interested in to have a look at formal dresses. Chadstone has many big brands in it and I doubtedly looked around, checking prices for their garmets and with absolutely no luck, I found nothing that was within my price range. You know $100 or so because that's all I could afford at the moment. I found some pretty facsinating dresses that were about $700 so um I don't think I'll be purchasing something that I'd probably only ever wear once in my life.

Well anyways, as I wandered through the sites I found one site which did not sell formal clothes but nevertheless, I automatically fell in love with their Spring/Summer Collection. I'm a sucker for edited photos, especially when there's a hint of the retro blur that surrounds the edges. But other than that, what appealed to me the most were the creative designs by Alanah Hill. Her designs are hitting up summer with inspiration originating from the Vintage 40's style with plenty of floral, lace and fanciful colours. I don't really agree with wearing too much pink but I admire the bold use of girly pinks, reds and yellow shades.

All images cropped via the Alanah Hill Collection



Australian TV has decided to reintroduce the greatest classic shows on our GO! channel. The one that I have currently been watching the most is Bewitched, starring Elizabeth Montgomery. It's usually on every morning and on just when I get home from school. It's now probably up to Season Eight and I'm assuming it's the last one. I don't want to think about not having this show aired anymore because I just love how Montgomery portrays Samantha on the show. Watching it at least twice a day, I have seen her transformation since Season One and I must say that her hair is what changes the most. My mum shares the same love for this show and we watch it together when she gets home from work. She tells me that Elizabeth Montgomery was one of the world's most beautiful women in those days and heck I bet she was. She's absolutely gorgeous and her humour is just so comical.

What I love watching the most with my mum is looking at her wardrobe choice for the set in every Episode. She looks so darling and sweet. Not a very typical housemother as such were in those day, but then again I do believe that's the point as she's not exactly ordinary, hence herself being a witch.

I think this is when Ebay usually starts to appeal to me again so I can buy my mother and I box sets of each season. Every episode just excites us every time.

All movie stills are print screened via Youtube

Spring To Summer

Summer's just around the corner and once again I feel the need to clean out my closet and replace all the old junk which will hopefully find new loving owners at our local opp-shop. I just want to fill my closet with lots of dresses this summer, a few pairs of denim shorts, floral shorts, hihg waisted shorts, socks and wedges. That's all I want. And a pair of new cute vintage sunnies with a brownish animal shade for the rims. Mmmm but I have to wait till my school formal is over and that I've saved up for NZ if I'm still going with Inkarri and his family. More shifts could help me seeing as though I get paid really well where I work but I only work once a week. I hope the new manager puts me on full time so $$$ can start flowing abundantly in my account. Then I'll be very happy to spend it on christmas presents, and lots of presents for myself too!

A Summer Day

A Summer Day by thelittlequirks featuring vintage sunglasses

let's get together rosy romper in blue, $30
White Heart Frill Ankle Socks, 3 GBP
Small College Town Wedge, $70
Mulberry / Leah Messenger, $895
The Annie Glasses-Tortoise, $40


UO Goes Retro?

They are so cute! And I really want them, but don't really need them. I feel compulsed to puchase something for me like the Fisheyed Lomo Camera or something for Ink like the Vinyl Turnable for Inkarri.

Christmas wishlist maybe?
All images via Urban Outfitters

I'd Pick A Date With You

So it seems that I have once again delayed a post. I even promised to post more frequently once exams were over. I think I should quit making promises and just be happy with what I have to offer.

I have to admit that this girl next to me has got to be THE bestest friend ever! I love her company the most because there is nothing to be so negative about when she's around. I swear that if we were dying, it would probably be the cause of laughter. We never stop laughing. Everything is always so humorous, and if not, we somehow imagine it to be the most entertaining thing to us. I've had many close friends, I've also kept quite a few of them too, but nothing gets me going like a pinch in the arm from Sim. Even when we fight we smirk and hurt each other, taking turns and then cry and laugh once the pain starts to kick in.
I must admit that I'm a pretty influential friend to her because when I first met her, she was the worst! She would literally pretend to zip her lips together just so she wouldn't talk to me and she was the shyest girl ever. I was completely the opposite and now she's loud, annoying, and she isn't scared to do anything as long as we do it together. It's the best! Sometimes I can be a painful friend but I try not to influence her too much and let her soak up my own feelings because she's like my little bubby sister. Though I don't know what it's like to actually have one, I still think that she is the most amazing sister I could have and I'm so glad that God put her in my life so that we could bless each other by ...causing laughing fits. Haha!

Last week we had a picnic at CS by the lake, on the small patch of grass where we ate some delicious charcoal chicken. That was fun as we saw a few ducks quacking and disappearing into the water only to break through it's surface somewhere else, leaving us to think that they'd drowned trying to catch their food. That made us laugh too. There were few giggles when we started talking about a couple who had wagged school for the day and decided to be all cutesie and lovey dovey in the sun. Then there were many "aw"s when we saw a little girl waddling with her mum's huge handbag which was the size of her whole body.

Holidays are going to get better and we'll be able to spend more time together I hope despite of her distance from my house.


Polka Dot Me

I, in fact had woken up this morning from a really short remembered dream of mine and all I can specifically remember is that I was wearing a nudeish coloured polkadotted, sleeveless blouse with a white skirt and I was walking with a couple of friends. But that's another story to tell. As I woke up, I got really excited because now I really want a pair of polkadotted somethings because I seemed to look quite ok with that blouse in my dream. I was quickly searching this morning on a few blogs and please excuse me for forgetting to grab their links. I'm terribly sorry but I have no idea why I forgot to do that but just so you all know, none of these images belong to me, some are from other bloggers whom I may not mention due to my forgetfulness.

1. Cropped polkadot blouse, 2. Turtleneck long-sleeved polkadot mini dress, 3. Polkadotted mini shorts by Sterling Style, 4. Sleeveless Polkadotted dress by Calivintage, 5. Big dotted mini dress, 6. Dotted shorts by Orchid Grey.


Carving Pumpkins Would Have Been Nice


The only good excuse I have to celebrate Halloween is because my birthdate seems to have fallen on such a frowned-upon occasion. But because I can still have the freedom to celebrate however I like, Mother agreed that a costume dress up party would have been a great idea. All thanks to Mother for the decore around the house, we didn't end up purchasing a pumpkin because it was much too expensive for something that would only be used as decoration for one night and then discarded and thrown in the compost. But she did an amzing job. But rebel of me to have a party a day before an exam. This is the second party I've had, one previous with my school and church friends. They made my night amazing and it was the best thing ever. But this next one was spent with my family and the Aunts, Uncles and Cousins who I'm really close to. I love how everyone had put effort into their costume, all the sewing and creative effort they had put into theirs was inspiring.

Dress:Valley Girl//Shoes:Rubi

If you haven't already guessed who I decided to dress up as, I felt being nothing like Blue and red seemed very appealing. Luckily at place I work, our material is really cheap and so I had made myself a caped hood out of scratch. I used crushed panne for it and at the moment I'm loving, panne, velvet and suede. The feel and appearance of the heavenly material has been so greatful to me. Then I added a ribbon to my cape to finish it off.

My aunty had a ball, having my dad capture all her silly shots doing crazy things and stealing bits and pieces of another person's costume. I don't have pictures for now but if I have time I'll see if I can post them up on my


2 more exams to go until I am free from any type of school activity, and I'm quite glad to announce that as soon as it turns 11:15am on Thursday, I would have officially finished Psychology and I will never have to touch on that ever again. Life is being great.
Look out for some new changes to The Little Quirks because I'll be having all the time on my hands to take outfit pictures and blog. Also, I will be annoucing quite soon what my ambitions for my holidays and for next year will be.