A Month And A Half To Go!

So 13 years is almost coming to an end. I have to sit my exams, attend my graduation and celebrate with my classmates at the school formal. I've started studying which I've been doing with someone really close to me. It's been really good and I've been getting things done too. I'm really hoping that I excel much more in my exams than my previous SAC's in other subjects which may I state, I have almost failed miserably. So far I don't believe these hoidays have gone to waste. I been productive enough with school stuff. More than usual, though I do believe not enough.

I know the time has not yet come to pass but the thought of school finishing is nearing the freedom post in my life. It's an experience I'm really looking forward to. The only fear that I behold is one toward my ATAR. With all honesty, I've never actually had any faith in myself and never actually pushed myself into doing anything especially school so I seriously doubt my ATAR is going to be surprisingly good. That's when i become filled with regret, and then I will most likely turn out to be one of those people who say to themselves "if I had another chance, I would do better in VCE". My donkey's big butt they would.

I know I've rambled on about school before, but I felt like sharing it again. And those that I will miss are my friends, and a few teacher actually, who have made VCE a whole lot easier and have done a great job with disguising the stressful year for me. But of course I will miss my family the most! Music class and everyone in it. Best people ever. And people like Rachael at the top have helped make this year a memorable one. Shame she wouldn't let me take a picture of her lovely face to remember her by hehe. I need to give them presents before they all finish school. And also my english teach/mentor who's been giving me good advice and kick ass grades for english.

Also looking forward to getting my P's at the end of the year wooh!

1908 Beauty's

Something that I've missed ever so much through these years is going through the phase of hi-cut converse shoes that here in Australia we renamed, 'chucks' after the creator. Although I don't exactly know if that's an aussie thing, but it's defiantly aussie enough to of been the slang word for these shoes. I remember that the last time I owned an actual pair was in year 9 and it's been over 3 years since I've bought myself new ones.

Trends come and go just like that every season and after a while sneakers became the back of fashion and somewhat found themselves dusting away on shoe racks or dumped far into the closet. Air forces were a smaller phase of these. Then canvas shoes starting making their way to the fashion world because they were really cheap and almost disposable, it was like buying a new magazine every month sort of thing. Then summer had arrived and thick strapped-gladiators bloomed into the fashion industry for women ever so quickly. And then after that, the 'one pair of sneakers' girl left her contentment with 'chucks' and fell madly in love with heels. They are of course still making the statements in the industry right now and there's always so many new styles coming out every season. Black heels, pointy heels, strappy heels, open heels, closed heels and extremely high pumps. Summer is once just around the corner and I bet [not monetarily] that women will be shooting out their money to purchase wedges as they're summer babies. I admit that I for one will be the same.

But right now, I want to go and buy myself another pair because surprisingly enough, they go with anything you wear. Though I can't exactly make up my mind to pick grey or navy blue with either lo-cut or hi-cut?
(These pictures take up a lot of space actually)


I Need To Borrow Something...

I've got this dilemma where I am in need of an over locker. I don't own one, and if our family were to purchase one, it would be with MY money because I'd be the only one who uses it and frankly, I don't have that money now. Does anyone know who I can borrow an over locker from? It looks like a sewing machine, only it needs to use more than one spool of thread and it's used for finishing off dress making. Anyone? Please?

In case your wondering, I need it so I can finish off my making my formal dress. I was originally thinking to purchase this one-shouldered organza frilled dress from ASOS but then ended up eyeing a friend on facebook who had such a similar dress to this. Though I believe she wouldn't repeat her outfit to the school formal, I refuse to buy it now. But how pretty is it in cream?
Then...Epiphany! I caught a glimpse of ASOS's new Premium Navy Feathered Cape and I HAVE to purchase it! And this time I'm not buying soemthing out of impulse. Then I was given such a brilliant idea of making myself a perfect-fit bandeau but with my unfortunate luck of not being able to find a pattern I can't do it. Then I thought of buying one... but then there's that whole phase of 'looking for that perfect dress' and to be frank, I cannot be bothered.
My last and final inspiration is one I am definantly confident with is making my own dress out of scratch; making my own pattern. I've envisioned a beautifully fit one-shouldered dress with long sleeved, with navy or black crushed panne as the material used. And to add to that, a laced spacing on the left side of my torso.

But anyways, I can't do this without an overlocker. Well I can, with a sewing machine but I was hoping to use this dress again without the seams ripping apart.


Unpredictable Weather


Hat:Dangerfield//Shirt:Thrifted//T-shirt:Target//Stockings:Target//Shorts:Altered Billabong

I thought it was a kind thought to post something today. Usually, I'd be in the music room, practicing songs for my exam, but I don't have school this week although later on in the day I'll be meeting up with my dear friend and we'll be catching up and practicing some of our songs for VET. So at the moment I'm sitting in the study room and I felt like blogging but I didn't exactly know what about. The only 2 words that could ever describe the ridiculous weather outside is 'Melbourne Weather'. You can never predict the fate it may bring. Just in this last sentence I've seen the light outside appear and disappear so rapidly and it just won't make up it's bloody mind.

The weather only might ruin my plans for the day slightly, but it's with effort to attempt some perceverance. I have to walk to the square whilst the sun and clouds could be very deceiving and I might just end up in a complete mess. I need to book an appointment for my hair before the 16th of October which will be my birthday celebration. Unfortunately I haven't yet made up my mind on what to do. I get bored with my hair ever so quickly after a while... suggestions? Woah and here's the sun again, shining so bright.

...Late Post

A week ago I went to my friend's birthday celebration for turning 18 and definantly becoming legal. In the picture above is the birthday girl. Her name's Amelia, but has the nickname Millie, which I prefer not to use and instead I call her Molly. You can check out her blog here. I really do hope she had a blast of a party with all her close friends who came to join us. New people to meet, parents also. It was great.


Of course it was BYO so most brought a few packs of well... all I know is that it was alcohol. I don't really drink so I don't know exactly the names and stuff but that's ok. Never the less it was still a good party. Finger food was great, drinks stunk up my nose, cake looked good, birthday girl was stunning and the dance floor was empty. Of course until we tried to grab as much people to join us "dancing". I had the camera and took as many pictures as I could, then my best friend took it off me and used it and failing completely with blurred pictures. But he's great.
Some not so great events occured and dealing with it was something I haven't done before so it was a first for me, but I do wish I knew what to do much sooner. Anyways the rest of the pictures from Molly's party can be found here.



It Will Become Even More Ridiculous

Notice how it's been nearly a month since I last posted? I feel so ashamed for not so frequently as I planned. There's so many things I plan up in my head to post about; thoughts, items of clothing, new projects, school and new outfits. It's actually been hectic, but not extremely. It's because of this academical challenge which involves children attending this thing we all know as SCHOOL. I'm on holidays at the moment and you would think I would have all the time in the world to type things up, but I don't even consider this a holiday. Would you suggest that 2 weeks of Prac exams and SAC's and all this study would be my holiday? Well then that's insulting. While these last few weeks of school for my life, I start consuming information that I hadn't paid attention to during the periods that I should have. My concentration has slowly deteriorated with time and I feel almost as if I'm completely over school. Which year 12 isn't? 13 years of school was probably my most restless years of all.

Although I do admit, I will greatly miss the cliche high school dramas and inside jokes which will always stain my memory. It's probably not even school I will miss, but the friends that I had made along the way. Though they don't know it, some things in my life who make me who I am is from their behalf. I truly appreciate it and I wish that we could all stay jolly friends till the end but we all know it doesn't always end up like that. Some friends we'll cherish and some we'll have to let go of, but it doesn't mean that I'll forget them. Of course in the future there will be organisations from members of a clique that will follow through, but as the years pass the contacts slowly grow further apart. It's sad but learn to deal.

Anyways, I was meant to type up something before I went off to school for the day...ON MY HOLIDAY. I just felt that a small contribution would do me well.


I See London, I See France...

OK, so I sort of ripped that title off from my magazine's little segment of intimates. Inspiration hit my mind once again. I fell truly in love with this season's collection of Australia's Peter Alexander's Spring catalogue. The vibrant use of floral print and pastel shades bring tingles down my spine. Who said you couldn't look good in bed? (Please don't take that the wrong way). I know some of the picture are surely exaggerated as no girl such as myself would wear heels to sleep, carry around a toiletries tote, tying up pretty ribbon in my hair, and surely I wouldn't find myself walking my dog with a pink leash in sleepwear before bed. Their choice in material is perfect. The night time, cathedral, party satin has the most luxurious feel on delicate skin as mine. But I still cannot get my head around the pretty design of shorts and tanks for sleepwear. No joke, I have no Pj's in my wardrobe now to wear to bed so I sleep in trackies and a shirt but that doesn't sound to good considering the transition from cool to hot weather which is fast approaching. I do like to feel girly; clean, moisturised and ready to sleep when it comes to bed time sooo I think I know what I'll be purchasing for myself this Spring.

All images by Peter Alexander Online


DIY: Highwaisted Shorts


Excuse the mix of warm tones and normal modes. I was in a hurry to take pictures to post up. Also, my apologies for the bad pose for the result picture of the shorts. It's horrific. I shall get a better one up soon...maybe?
So I was inspired to make myself shorts out of used pants that didn't look so good as pants anyways. It was really easy and I'll show you how I did it to mine.


Materials needed:
- Opp-shopped pair of pants or one of your old pairs (preferably 1 or 2 sizes smaller so they raise up a little)
- Sewing machine (or you could do it by hand if that pleases you more)
- Scissors
- Spool of thread
- Pins
- Washable marker
- Ruler

1) Measure the length that you wish to alter your clothing to with the washable marker.


2) Draw a line at least 1 inch from your wanted measurement from outer to inner parts of the pants. Pin the leg together so that when you cut along the line, it will be all even. Cut along the line.


3) Turn inside-out and pin the bottom to make the hem evenly.


4) Sew it down. You can have whatever thickness of the hem you like.


5) Try them on and I'm sure they're ready to use out!


Here's my end result. Excuse me once again for the horrible tones that indoor pictures gave me. Like I said, I was in a rush. But I'm pretty happy with my new pair of shorts.


Let's Get Short

So I bought a SHOP magazine on the way home yesterday and I've only had time to flip through it tonight. This magazine was totally worth the mula and for the seasons to come, they've given me inspiration and things I've been craving for. Shorts! I do want to have a collection this season for myself. I've just completely cleaned out my closet and I think it's time to fill it with new or used material which I'm sure would fill my closet with brand new life. The different textures would definitely add much more flavour to the monotonous clothe-storage I had before.

Ok, so I didn't know that the quality was going to be this bad... couldn't be bothered going through photobucket.
What I would like to see in my closet is a pair of black leather shorts, pastel coloured highwaisted shorts, floral shorts, naturals, silky shorts and a pair of new denim ones. (Oh God the quality is bugging me so much. Yuck.)

(Badly) Scanned images from SHOP magazine


This post was actually meant for Tuesday night but I was too busy baking cupcakes for the birthday of a friend of mine.

The only thing I wanted to say is that I think I've become too observant of things that could symbolise anything. Literature has forced me to be aware. The saying "there's a reason for everything" has got me thinking, especially from recent situations that have been bombarding my brain for about a month now. At this current time in my life, I believe that the most important symbolism that stands out to me (though this could only just be the biggest coincidence) is this Spring. The greatest contrast from Autumn/Winter where things deteriorate and start to eradicate but as Spring arrives at my doorstep I realize this huge transition that it brings. The start to a fresh beginning, and life renewed.

Spring might probably just mean Summer is soon because it's seriously just around the corner, but this year, it's become the most significant part of my life. Besides my annual phase of cleaning my room out, this has given me the opportunity to take new steps, better and bolder...and much wiser steps. But slowly. And I'm not alone on this one, I'm quite glad that this time God is here for it. After waiting in the somber notes of winter's cold, I've gathered my thoughts and shaped up my attitude only to become better and stronger as a person and as a leader.

One thing which baffled me from Tuesday noon-evening was that when I was in need to shed some tears, the sky began to rain upon on the car I was sitting in. When I began to break, the wind became violent and the rain started attacking the windows. But as I calmed down, the rain slowly ceased and the wind halted. Then I knew that my troubles were over.

Happy Spring Australia.