Summer Dates And Plans

If there's one thing I loathe about an Australian summer, it would be how high the humidity could be in a day. It often leads to days trapped inside with a struggling aircon barely thriving to keep me cool. Now that the temperatures are gravely rising (I still don't understand why people love the heat), placid activities like picnics and days soaking the sun's rays that seep through the trees is something I appreciate so much more. I like the shade and embrace the breeze and for now that seems to be okay because I'm still yet to be drowning in a sweat puddle of my own. I'm also slightly glad that we've said goodbye to knitted sweaters, scarves and stockings as it feels innervating to be able to feel some warmth on my skin and touch the grass with my toes without my feet feeling like they'll completely frost within minutes. Along with the enjoyment of sunshine and warmer summer colours, I'm revering the time I get to spend with Peter on his days off. Most of the time, they're randomised but I've been thankful that each week is starting to flow into a routine so that not a lot of planning ahead is needed if we wanted to do small things like hikes or going on small dates.

Dotti dress
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Lovisa Cat Ears


The Hall

I'm a bit of a dreamer when it comes to walking through the magazine isles and catching a glimpse of the home magazines or wandering around the other end of Highpoint where there are plenty of homeware shops including the small section inside Country Road. The thought of going home-shopping instantly makes me wish I could be doing exactly that. Colours, patterns, shapes, sizes, new or old... these things circle my mind for days until I exhaust myself with the fact that I have no plans to get a place of my own. These feelings began to emerge when I walked into The Hall section of the new Typo store at Highpoint. The concept is very DIY-oriented and I love it. Cotton on's new line has impressed me. Many of the items are of modern tastes and I wish I could add a few into the kitchen, but my motherbird wouldn't be too pleased. I am in love with a lot of the dining items and the colours they come, and also the patterns of the cushions. It's also really good to see them continue more DIY projects into the store for people who have fidgety fingers like me, and what a perfect time of the year it is to be crafty!

Pictures via Cotton On


A Birthday With Pumpkins

I may not have had the time to watch some of my favourite Tim Burton films this year but it has been quite the October I never thought it would be. Right now, my heart swells with love and joy as I have spent he last 24 hours with family and friends. Halloween is an American traditional celebration as it is everywhere else in the world, and my inner-child never ceases to excite itself with the season of short festivities. I'm 22 now and I honestly don't think I'll be giving up liking the colours of pumpkins and kinds alike. There's something about having my birthday on this time of year that makes me think it's far from a curse and have always thought it a blessing. Im glad I have it on such a day because celebrating with family always seems to be more exciting sometimes. We carved pumpkins, ate food, slouched in pjs and had a few laughs without "inviting" so-called evil spirits as some believe. I also couldn't resist the filter as a sort-of tribute to he eerily taunting photographs of Halloween costumes in the 1910s, though I wouldn't pose so monotonous, but perhaps next year I could. 
Pictures by Peter

London Rebel Sandals
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