A Happy Birthday


Mini Adventures #1

This is a brief story of my time in New Zealand (in pictures) this year . I think my Instax Mini's are a good segment and I feel like Sunday's are a good day for them. That is all.


Floristry and Honesty

It took a really long time to carefully pick my Modcloth favourites at the moment. Keep in mind that I have forgotten to link some due to the habit of closing windows carelessly. I hope you enjoy these...
Antique Opus Dress

Rachel Antonoff First in Brass Dress
Loving Care Dress
Staff Member Dress in Legato
By The Bushel Dress

Love-Philter Dress
Good Ol' Daisy Dress


Quirky Love: Surprises

There's really no such feeling as a surprise, provided that you are good at surprising people in the first place.

The Holiday Worlds of Auld





Goodbye Winter

Ignoring the following weekend which we shall anticipate wet weather, Melbourne has been quite generous with the amount of sunlight I'm starting to soak up. Winter weather has finally decided to elapse itself out of the way, allowing some heat to join me during the day. Oh, is it just me or did that actually rhyme? Wonderful weather may be emerging in the next couple of weeks, but I still won't be able to fully enjoy it since exams and other assignments are still yet to be done by then... otherwise, this Summer blogging will feature many pictures... and perhaps outfit posts when I feel less embarrassed to come out of the house to take them. In the following year, the least Winter can do for us is snow...

Hallows Eve

I have to admit that this is the best lightshow display I have ever seen. I really want to get into the spirit this year since I very much enjoyed last year's party with family. I have plans of watching a movie this Sunday with a small group of friends... maybe we can dress up for the movies... That would be awesome!

Tumblr Boredom...

Because even though I may appreciate my life... Tumblr and "stuff" take my mind off things. These are Tumblr quizzes and I'm just going to answer them, just because?

1. Full name - Blue Iris Aguliana Bermejo Cruz Rivera
2. Nickname - Blue
3. Zodiac sign - Scorpio
4. Elementary school - St. Augustines
5. Tall or short - Too short
6. Sweats or jeans - Both?
7. Orange or apple - Apple anyday
8. Do you have a crush on someone - Over this already *rolls eyes*
9. Eat or drink - Eat
10. Piercings - 6
11. Pepsi or coke - Pepsi

Have you ever...
12. Been in an airplane ? Yes
13. Been in a relationship ? Yes
14. Been in a car accident ? Yes
15. Been in a fist fight ? No

Firsts & lasts
16. First piercing - When I was 6 months old (my ears) but that doesn't count. My left tragus.
17. First best friend - Chantelle
18. First award - Beautiful voice (grade prep)
19. First crush - Nick Carter
20. First word - I've never been told what my first word was
21. Last person you talked to in
person - Danny
22. Last person you texted - Danny
23. Last friend you watched a movie
with - Cameron
24. Last food you ate - Steak
25. Last movie you watched in 3D - I can't remember if it was Avatar or A Christmas Carol
26. Last song you listened to - Anberlin - Feel Good Drag
27. Last thing you bought - A fascinator
28. Last person you hugged - My mum

29. Food - I have to think really hard about this because I really like a lot
30. Drink - Water... true story
31. Flower - I don't have one but for the sake of my name, Iris'
32. Animal - CHINCHILLAS!!!
33. Color - I learned not to be picky with colours so I like them all
34. Place - That's for me to know and for you to... well, not know
35. Movie - A Nightmare Before Christmas
36. Subject - Music/English

Have you ever ...
37. Fallen in love with someone? Yes
38. Celebrated Halloween? YES!!!!! STUPID QUESTION
39. Went over the minutes/texts on your phone? When I wasn't the one who used to pay for it
40. Wanted to smack someone upside the head? No? That sounds silly
41. Eaten a whole pizza? No
42. Did something you regret? Yes... but I don't regret them anymore
43. Broke a promise? Yes
44. Hid a secret? Yes
45. Pretend to be happy? Yes

Your future...
46. Want kids? I want 4
47. Want to get married? Very muchly
48. Career? Teaching

Which is better in the opposite gender?
49. Lips or eyes - Eyes... and neck
50. Shorter or taller -Taller
51. Romantic or spontaneous - Both, I suppose
52. Hook up or relationship - Relationship thanks
53. Looks or personality - To me, both play a role...

Have you ever...
54. Lost glasses/contacts? No
55. Snuck out? Yes
56. Held a gun/knife for self defense? No. But for fun
57. Broke someones heart? Yes :(
58. Been in love? Yes


Entries I failed to complete..

So here are some DRAFTS I found that I never posted or never finished writing... interesting to read what went through my mind....

Ignore the picture, I just felt like posting my very filling but also sickening lunch for the day before I start heading off for my VET class. Also before I start rambling on with more nonsense, pardon my English or writing as I'm actually using my phone for a post for the first time!

So at the moment I'm sitting at Maccas and the scent of ciggarette has leaked into the restraunt. I know it's taken me three days to post something which I was intending to type on on Tuesday night but I've been too busy baking cupcakes and doing other productive activities. So anyways, I was sitting here looking at my meal and how the colour red somehow makes you hugrier and I remembered that I wanted to write about how much Literature has been bugging me at the moment.

Yeah, I realise that everything I've just said makes no sense to you but that's ok. Let me explain... I take up a Literature class and all we do for every context is write an analysis on whatever we've been studying. It's all about what we think the author is trying to tell their readers through the many use of symbolism. We probably have at least 2 pages of reasons for each symbolism thought of for one pine of each play or poem that we read. Meditating on reccent and current event of somewhat I am kind of glad did occur, has got me concentrating on the theory that "everything happens for a reason". May it be true or not, I've given up on asking questions why.

Spring here is the biggest symbolism standing out to me at this point in time of my life. As autumn and winter helps deteriorate and eradicate the things of life and it's purposes, Spring has brought the most important transition to a new beginning. The feeling of new life and a new start is completely refreshing. Tuesday noon-evening has brought my inner peace and helped this spring become a more significant season to conserve.

back to the topic of symbolism, I found it quite awkward that on times when I did feel the need to cry, the rain would start attacking the car I was in. And when it was most intense moments, the rain would pour and the wind outside became so violent. But as I started to calm down, the rain slowly halted and the wind eased itself. If you ask me, this is a great coinsednce and I'm probably just getting carried away with my paranoia of Literature symbolism..

I think I've got to go now. Mum's been waiting in the car park for me..

As much as I enjoy the sand rather than actually swimming in water, There's no doubt the beach has potential to produce the most beautiful and quite artistic pictures.


Ask Grace

Nothing is better than stumbling upon Australian independent designers who get creative and design dresses that I absolutely adore and wouldn't mind getting my hands on. There are certain things that i wouldn't wear but for some reason, Ask Grace has led me to think that anything can have it's own exception. I think the dresses are gorgeous and I'm sure I'll be finding my way to a beautiful garment of their very very soon.

All images via Ask Grace