Night Markets

I've never considered summer to ever be my favourite season, which it isn't but I can't help but feel like this summer could be that one exception. All the things I never enjoyed at all  seem to take place during the summer months anyway. There's the beach, which I always thought was cold whether or not someone said "the water's really warm today" because it wasn't. Unlike winter, summer requires less clothing but even so, you can never have less enough until you're totally naked in which case, it would still probably be scorching hot. One hype I never caught up to last summer though is the markets which are held in the evenings. I'm mostly in it for the assortment of food and also the curly potatoes. In trade of better weather, Peter and I went to the Noodle Night Market tonight for some spicy food and though the weather was sour, we met a frenchie named Leeroy. I have a thing for frenchies.


Young Inspirations

Many many years ago when I was the age of (probably) 10, my late Tita would be sitting in her garage, stamping her foot on the pedal to her partner's sewing machine. It was big, it was loud and it was old but to me, it was shiny and I definitely wanted to touch it and try it and press the pedal myself. To my dismay, my Tita was too careful with me and wouldn't allow me to go near the loud chugging of the machine. It was dangerous. Too many sharp objects surrounded her and I was just too small according to her. When she would finish her big shirt for herself, we'd walk out together and she'd lock the garage door behind us with her only key. I was too short anyway, to reach from the top of the bench to the pedal on the floor. But years did go by and my Tita had conveniently moved her machine into the spare room where there was no lock and she would be in there more often. I grew a fair bit by the time I was 13 and when she would finish her big dresses, she'd nap, and I would begin to prowl around the spare room. Hard cover on the machine, tools tucked under a sheet. I would gently remove everything but it was inevitable that I would be making noise since I was no agent ninety-nine. Luckily, she's a heavy sleeper. Every Rivera knows her for her roaring during the night. It used to scare me actually, all that snoring. Anyway, years went by and she was allowing me to sew lines on random pieces she no longer needed. I would work hard to make those lines straight every day after school and though I wasn't making anything but crooked lines (still do) and wasting all my time on too much fabric and cotton when I could have been doing my homework, I had no idea I would take such interest in it when I grew up. 

I remember the first dress I made myself. It had a bib and it was much too short for me. My friend dropped chocolate on it and it stained a little. I had that machine until only recently when I decided I'd need one that I would love and had a variety of options for me. These days, I'm always making a dress when I seem to have accumulated too many fabrics over time which I haven't used. Or I'd think I have nothing to wear for a particular occasion and I'd dig through my patterns and find a nice cotton fabric with pretty prints and patterns on it. Just like this dress, I made it to wear at my friend's 21st. It's a rather simple dress but I think it's now one of my favourites. Sized up and custom made by yours truly. 
Dress: Made it myself//Cardigan: Cocolatte//Shoes: Novo//Necklace: Colette Hayman//Watch: Big W 


Difference Makers (A Timelapse)

This all-inspiring video popped up a couple of weeks ago an I am in absolute awe with the people who were a part of this project (if I may call it that). 

It occurred to me that it really doesn't matter how much of yourself you give, whether it be a little or a lot, your little can be their new world. Donating, helping change people and saving lives comes at no cost but the investment of care, love and support. I don't believe in the online memes about people giving up on humanity because why should we? To tell you the truth, there are hundreds, if not, millions of people who are a part of difference making and we don't give them enough credit for whoever they may be. There's a spiritual movement that we don't notice even exists because it's something that humanity was always created for. To lend a hand, to be an influence and to save lives. I think it's important to pause in the midst of the never-ending tragedies around us and to remember that as humans we can only do so much as we support and help different causes. But as we seek the grace of God, impossibilities become possibilities, hardships become easier and miracles overflow and this is when we should begin to realise as a global community that though we give a little, the lot that blossoms is a God thing and it's an awesome thing. As small human beings in a massive universe, we were always born to be the difference no matter what cause we are investing our hearts into. 

I say do what you can or what your heart wants to do. 

Winning Streaks Don't Come With Picky

*Sits beside Pooch as she frantically twitches in her sleep*

The warmer days are fast approaching, with of course the exception of living in Melbourne which means, warm weather with be followed by darker days of cold and perhaps rain. Since my other half has scheduled a few things for his day, my best friend is still at placement and my mamabird doesn't seem at all that interested in straying from the PC screen as she studies too hard for her OET test before she too begins placement, I've decided it's best to stay at home and be accompanied by the little critters roaming around the backyard. Of course as the day progresses, the more lack of motivation to do anything becomes a persistent battle and I would of course, find myself dwelling in my current TV shows (catching up with all their drama). On days like this, my typical routine is to join the mamabird for breakfast, feed the animals, watch a few shows and then screen-shop... y'know, imaginary shopping, like pretending you can buy all the things you want online so you add them to your basket only to close the site empty-handed. 

If I may say so myself, I horribly over-think the things that I want to add to my sort-of-dress-abundant wardrobe and eventually, don't buy it because wanting something consumes my brain too much that I begin to lose interest. I spend weeks in the contemplation process before buying anything and that is why I don't shop often. But when I do, I don't care about the price because I know it would get many wears before it becomes un-mendable. For example, the Vinyl Fantasy Dress from Modcloth. It took me weeks until I decided I'd definitely want to add that as my own. A few purchase complications later and I gave up, thinking it's just not time for that yet so I will soon. And where did that get me? Empty-handed once more as this pretty piece is already running out or at least has only one left and not even in my size! Let the angry typing being. AGFHKFLSIDSADK! But there is no doubt, I'd find another treasure piece in their shop.