It's a busy week for me especially for my first day of uni for the trimester and it will only be as busy until my family and I leave for the Philippines this Friday.
After last year's units, I think I've figured how I'll be staying organised this year. While you might think I'd be going overboard with a calander, extra timetable, diary and weekly planner, from what I've learned last year, things like this seem to help with getting very important things like oh, I don't know... assignments done and handed in on time.



Rooftop car parks do have the potential to be great locations for photo opportunities when and if you have luckily caught that special time frame for a few snaps.
We went to Ikea last Sunday and it wasn't my intention to make a post from here but the thought came to me as I was pre-deciding what sheets to pick from Ikea which has no correlation to their car park.



"The forest was too deep and the hills were too steep. And since there were no houses there, no one thought to build a road. And without roads and houses, the place just sort of stayed that way: empty of people. 
The place, over time, just became more overgrown and more inhospitable. And so... it was named the Impassible Wilderness and everyone knew to steer clear"  - Colin Meloy, Wildwood.