And It Was All Yellow...almost


Due to the horrid weather outside, I was forced to take pictures of my my new findings in my room with my boring yellow wall. Mother had attended a job interview and I deviously snuck out of our car for a while. She never knew I left. I found a St. Vinnies along a strip of shops nearby and I thought a visit would be polite. It was small and therefore less clothing options, but my hopes were high and I was expectant so as I rummaged through useless items and I was happy to have left with 5 items after my trip to the opp-shop.


Thrifted items: Scarf//Earings//Small Satchel//Gold Ring (Fake)
Cotton On//Cardigan:Thrifted//Stockings:Target


Blury pictures were my biggest fear when deciding to use the camera inside my room rather than the windy outdoors, and I am going to regret posting one of my pictures up. The satchel that I had found is a small size but it's completely roomy with little compartents on the side for money and maybe some cards? Though I don't really intend on using any area of the comparments, the space inside the bag is even better, not too big and not too small to fit my daily essentials. The twist lock is such an old invention, legendary of course. I find it hard to believe that my findings had bits of gold, I mean, I absolutely hate the colour for accessories but these did not seem to bother me, I quite fancied them actually. Of course I had to clean the earings before I wore them but I don;t trust my cleaning techniques so I took them off after the shoot. My favourite, which I could not wait to try on was the ring, it's unusual and yet it was very interesting and so I had to buy it.

In this town we call home, everybody hail to the pumpkin song.


Going to the Tim Burton Exhibition has been the most exciting event I have ever attended this year. It contained many pieces of his work from all his untitled short films and his infamous movies. I've learned that there are many more of his creations that I am yet to watch and most likely obsess over, as always. The legendary creator of capricious films such as, A Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, Coraline, 9, Big Fish, Mars Attacks and many more must be the most creative artist I've ever know. In his works, there are many signature characteristics resembling really skinny figures or plump figures with the tiniest legs, body modfications, frightening and eerie characters with big dark circles or big bold eyes and the jolting movements which his creations perform in their roles.


Pinky picked me up in the morning and brought over one of his cute little bubby's who's name is Panda. Who doesn't like waking up in the morning to faces of cute, endearing and adorable animals on their beds?


My heart raced and I couldn't hide my smile as soon as we reached the entrance to the ACMI building


This was actually a part of another exhibition which we decided to visit since we were already there. Lights flashed on and off, and could potentially give a person epilepsy. But I had enjoyed watching this fascinating little item which spun round and round making it seem as if each character was really doing something simultaneously.


Tim Burton's creations couldn't get any creepier with that stitched baby doll. Unfortunately my picture of the entrance to the exhibition isn't that well taken because I was too busy avoiding the heads of people who were waiting in line to get in. And unfortunately, cameras were prohibited INSIDE the gallery so most of the amusing props were not captured. I'm pretty sure that none of the props were allowed to be touched, but there were no barriers around them so they were pretty much begging me to touch them! Sneaking my hand to feel Edward Scissorhand's boot from his costume make me extremely warm with excitement and curiosity. Alice's clothes were also on display and many other props. I'm quite glad that Pinky found out there was an exhibition or my heart might have broken if I ever found out. By the way....that last picture is the Batmobile. That's right, the real deal.


Using the hotshoe from my Diana F+ camera, I connected in the the Canon SLR and we were playing with the effects. This was at the end of the day when it was time to get dressed in thick socks, trackies and wooly jumpers from a day of thrills. My day just couldn't get any better.

There's no place like home


Being the near end of the financial year, sales are astounding! Mother and I were roaming around the shopping centre to spend some of our qualitiy time with eachother, as we do. I'm broke, I'm unemployed and I'm desperate for money. Window shopping is what my Mother and I do best on these occasions, though she's reigned from her work and she's also on annual leave which means she's receiving payment without working and a horde of money is flowing in her bank which she's spending on herself and my Father. We walked past Wittner and I love the shoes they have in there, although I've never actually owned a pair because the worth of the shoes aren't exactly on our family budget. But by jove I was looking around in the sales and found these gorgeous glistening Comme shoes which were once $140, the price had been dropped to $40 and so Mother decided to buy me these fascinating shoes on which I have no idea what to wear with them. They sparkle like dorothy's but they're not ruby and I have been told numerous times that they look like Micheal Jackson's performing shoes. That's a plus. I absolutely adore them and today, when Mother and I go Opp-Shopping, hopefully I can stumble upon a suitable outfit for it.


Carlito Johan - Vlog

It seems that I have not been posting as frequently as I planned because I may have slipped to become a little lethargic for it. Never the less I am posting now. I'm sorry but I never thought I'd grow sluggish at posting but I am trying. Yes, I've decided to to add a Video Blog, I believe it is appropriate for the occasion. Carlito Johan is a really close friend of mine and I just figured it would be a fastidious thought to include him in my blog hunting section. He is an artist who has just started sprouting out of his bud, becoming famous in the world of Youtube. Despite the fact that his music is more of rap and rnb and less slow and mellow which I would much prefer, He has the voice, he's got a whole lot more potential to grow musically than I would and I am very proud of him and his "boys"...i guess. I do believe that MANY (and I cannot emphasize that enough) girls (locally!) fall at his feet and praise him for what may seem to be his "good looks" but I'm not one of those girls thankfully, I'd rather congratulate than praise him for his successful journey in being a great musician.
I recommend for viewers to take time to watching his videos.


Short Stories or Creative Pieces, I'm good at those for once

I had the urge to publish my my English Encountering Conflict Written piece and I do hope you take time to read it. They are two pieces which I believe displayed my creativity the strongest. It is very pleasing and I hope you like it. An inspiration for the type of language used I cannot recall but some things, I had Poe in mind, though none of my material holds such power as his. It is quite short and it will not hold up much of your time. Enjoy.
Japanese school girl with an eyepatch lying in the grass Pictures, Images and Photos A Rose is never just a ROSE.... Pictures, Images and Photos
The Rose
Her beauty and devine glory blooms in the early chills of spring. As she stretches in the wake of a new beginning, the rest of her reveals her youthfulness aroused from the ground. She is now outstreched and devluges her flush of deep redness that lusts for vivacity. Her silent moans are heard from miles away as she exposes her suave petals, blossoming one by one. Her sweet perfume seduces the atmosphere, forcing her surroundings to bow down in her scent. She will one day grow with shame for she will shrivel and wilt, begging her destiniy for her life in the next.

In the Garden
As I pace in the garden behind this cold stoned church, my eyes cannot help but wander to the angelic figure lying on the ground. She is fixed upon the beauty of a rose. I stand here now, basking in her presence. Is she not cold? Her blue revealing dress shares with me a secret of pale smoothness on which it fails to gaurd. She looks of eminence higher than I, but no coat to keep her warm? No shoes to prevent the dirt? No matter, for her beauty still illuminates and her flaws are unnoticed. I have not yet caught her glance, but her warmth is near, caressing my skin. I feel the chills of this pristine Sunday morning no more. Look at her, her long luxurious hair of apricot orange lingers on the curves of her body. My thoughts have now been hindered for I have remembered that I do indeed have a wife who does not love me dearly. But my Sunday's angel displays her elegance and grace which has truly attracted me. One day I may love her and she she may love me too. O, I do wish to marry her, but I am not the apple that belongs to her eye. It is the rose that longs for her attention, one which I envy.


Ripping Up Psychology Notes Will Be Fun!


What a relief to finish off my Psychology exam today! I'm quite happy that I have and now I think it's time to burn my notes and be rid of them for good. Well, ok maybe not burn because I hate the smokey smell that stains on my clothes but yes get rid of them. It was just like another SAC really, no difference. The examinors were so nice and they gave us extra time on our exam because we has started late. Last one to do is our GAT which is tomorrow, but ceebs doing it. It goes for 3 hours, 3 hours of multiple-choice and 2 essays. It just ensures us another score if we don't attend our exam due to some severe medical condition.

Shirt:Cotton On//Vest:Hot Options//Shoes:Cotton On//Stockings:Target//Shorts:DIY shorts from old jeans//Jacket:Jay Jays

Once again, another dreafully cloudy day with nothing but rain and drepressing shades of grey everywhere. I'm sure that once I get used to this I will somehow find some beauty in the darkness of winter. I guess there should be, there's more rain which means more green and the abundance of green grass satisfies me. I've had my wooly vest sitting in my closet for years now with not an outfit to use with it. After a few uses I felt it became such a tacky piece to my clothing. I cannot believe I took it for granted! It's the warmest top that I've got and I find the little pom poms quite cute actually. Like I said, holidays are coming up and soon, there will be time for everything I want to do...with Inkarri of course. Photos, Food, Hot Chocolates, Oppshopping, Movies and all that whcih we can fnd to do that's interesting. Oh and visit the Time Burton exhibition in the city!!! That'll be the day.


This is how my attempt at Polyvore worked out

Have you ever looked through your magazine and envyed those nice pair of shoes? That rad as shirt? Those sick as sunnies? That's happened to me quite often, and my usual reaction is that I have no money to buy them! That's alright, I love to window shop and I found the right website to do that. Ever heard of Polyvore? I've heard it mentioned plenty of times but I thought it was time to give it a quick look. It's left me with a pretty good impression thus far. I'm obviously not quite used to it yet but I had a go...3 actually. Here's two of which I am quite happy about becuase they didn't turn out so bad:

Inspiration: I want to wear an outfit in the theme of creams, browns and peaches to my Year 12 Formal at the end of the year, which hopefully Inkarri is openly invited to. Nude colours is a simple way of expressing your elegance and I even fancy this dress, but it's way too pricey for my liking. If you know me, I'm a cheap ass myself and I like to save up my money for thing I WILL wear often. I'm also not the kind to wear jewellry when wearing party dresses because I like to show off my clavicles? Haha, no. I just find it prettier and simple is way easy for me...unless I had money.


Inspiration: Ahh, winter has always been about wearing pants. I know it's too cold for shorts and skirts but with the right stockings, you'll probably be as warm as when wearing pants and you'd probably look even stylish too. I've composed this outfit right at the top of my head and found some cool items such as the gold-buttoned beret in there. I have also recently developed a fetish for brown shoes...or brown heeled wedges, I don't know why and if I ever found a pair like that one, I'll definantly be saving up for it!


A+ Once Again For My English SAC! Acing Life...

Rocked up to school late this morning, to 2nd period because I was too busy studying for my psychology SAC which I had not done yet. It's so difficult and confusing defining each word and their meanings. But the SAC turned out to be easy as pie with 18 questions and no multiple-choice. There was one question which I failed to answer but I wrote something I know is completely different down. The SAC was meant to go on for an hourr but it only lasted me half an hour AND I had read over my answers for any flaws. After that, the rest of the psych lesson was used up studying for the exam...or for me, talking to my friend Molly.

Headed straight to my english class to find that our teacher was getting the projector ready for us to watch a movie on which I believed we deserved as we worked well for our "Cruciable" SAC. I got an A+ once again and I am very proud of my mark, though I was encouraged to use more explicit? language in my authorial intent. I aslo owned me previous "Edgar Allan Poe" SAC which I absolutely enjoyed doing. I love Poe and he is such an inspiration to many with his stories filled with intensifying horror.

The rest of Literature was spent laughing at the resemblence of a sellow class-mate and Merlin the Locksmith from Camalot! It was hilarious and everytime I go to Literature class I will probably be reminded automatically and ball my eyes out crying of the painful laughter it brings.

merlin Pictures, Images and Photos

Cloudy Day, Not So Good Pictures....hmmm

Don't I just look awkward? Haha, this is just an attempt to get my blog posts up and running just so that I could at least be updating daily as a habit. These aren't as great as my last blog because one; the weather was cold and cloudy so there was less sun, two; the setting wasn't that great...it was waay too cold to walk to the other place with a pleasant scenery of a farmland. I've posted up less photos that whatI was aiming for which was 6! I am using the same camera and the same setting..and I tried the cloudy setting...worse then ever. I guess I've learned never to take photos in this weather condition ever again.

Shoes:Doc Martens//Stockings:Target//Floral Dress:Maximum//Shirt:Supre//Scarf:Six//Cardigan:Thrifted//Necklace:Ebay Online//Belt:Hand-me-down

Inkarri has reminded me that school holidays are fast approaching. I'm so excited for this means that we'll be driving around, exploring for great places to take photos. As so as holidays arrive, Inkarri will be included in My Wardrobe posts because we're partners in this so-called "crime". Holidays is all about Tim Burton, Blog photos, Thrifting, Going to Brunswick/Collingwood and doing all those sorts of stuf...with Inkarri of course. It'll be another holiday to remember.

During these adventures I am sure to be bringing Father's camera which is Canon SLR (the one I have using), Inkarri's Panasonic which is in surprisingly great condition with high megapixels and of course my darling Diana F+ which I have been determined to use on special occasions as not to waste precious film. Mmm, my first set of pictures got lost in the mail...guess that roll is gone for good.

Holidays ftw!

My Cherry Magazine

Meet Nicole.
She is the proud ownver of the online magazine blog, Nicolethen. I hadn't the the time to be spontaneous in looking for blogs randomly by google, instead I snooped around on The Clothes Horse which I had made sure that Nicole's blog would not go unnoticed. She is a vintage fashionista and her photography is one to envy. Though I'm not really into photography much but check out the quality it brings! I like her fashion though she doesn't tell much about where she gets them from which is a slight downer but I guess that's what makes her blog a bit more unique than others. She brings out the glory and beauty of photos captured "in the moment" and the delicious food which I am so eager to taste. She is less of a writer, photography is more her chic as her blog is filled with exciting pictures and vibrant colours that make you want to look at more.


The Style Rookie

I have yet to figure out this girl's name but I came across her blog through flickr today. For now her name is Style Rookie. She is quite the quirky girl herself. I found these pictures of her in her blog and she is just gorgeous. She's a fashion blogger, though she blogs more about inspirations and thoughts that linger in her head. I read an article which made me laugh and I believe that she may have used a Diana+ or Holga...or a camera of the sort. Her uniqueness has captured my attention completely and I find her style delightful and just adorable.


No Ordinary Sunday


Surprisingly, the start of winter in Australia hasn't been as cold as I thought it would be. It was freezing in autumn but today I witnessed a day of blue skies and fluffy white clouds hovering over me this lovely morning. I woke up at 7 for no particular reason and decided to study for my pyshcology exam which I couldn't stress enough for. Once my parents left to go to church which I couldn't go to due to studying, I got dressed and walked out the door finding the nearest place to take pictures without houses being in the way. Was a windy morning but the sun was warm.

Blouse:Thrifted//Jeans:Jay Jays//Blazer:Thrifted//Shoes:Cotton OnPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I decided to go to the Salvos during the week and I hadn't any idea of what to buy. I wandered around looking at shoes, jackets, knitwear, pants and shirts and I fell completely in love with this pastel floral shirt which was about $4 and it was a must-have for me. It's 2 sizes larger for me which meant that it could sit and slope down on my body as I am skinny (but I do not boast about it). I never really have any luck at opp shops except for the knitwear section because cardigans are always available in huge or small sizes that accompany the body in cold weather. I found this and another shirt which I won't show you because you'll probably laugh at the contrast of the two tops I bought. I'm glad that I also found a jacket that fit me in an almost-matching colour.

Despite the fact that I was $13 short with the rest of the things I picked out, Mother came to the rescue with a pocket full of money, otherwise known as her wallet. She's a lifesaver sometimes and it's just good to know the privileges of being an only child, though I'm not spoilt.


Still In The Process

I know my blog has not been finished yet but it's hard not to get caught doing something on the computer that's not exactly homework. This study room is located just behind the garage and it has sliding doors but my parents always thought that closing them is a sly thing to do so I must keep it open. There are often people walking up and down in the hallway so I find it difficult to keep swaping windows or tabs because I end up forgetting what I was up to in the process. For inspirations that look nothing like mine I went on Delightfully Tacky's blog and I liked her 3 columns. Her head is totally ful of gorgeous red/orange wavy hair and I envy that. I checked out Calivintage and it's just nice and simple and same with The Clothes Horse. I'm still learning the basics of blogging and hopefully I can come to an understanding with terms of banner and ad making for the clothes site that I often visit.

I will not be attending Church tomorrow morning because I have to hardcore study to ace my psychology exam which is next Wednesday for the whole? of Australia or Victoria. But maybe I can make time to take pictures of what I fell in love with whilst thrifting at my local Salvos. Hopefully I could post it and that would be the start of my own fashion blog :). But for now I do need to study for the brain &nervous system, visual perception, states of consciousness and sleep. Mmmm study...


It left my heart thumping

I am very excited to announce that one important blogger who inspires me had decided to follow me on Twitter! It may not seem much to you but this is so exciting! I followed Twitch Vintage's Blog and today I had received an email say that Twitch Vintage has followed me on Twitter. Robyn is the owner of this blog and shop and I don't know why but during VET, it had made me feel floaty and happy and now I am inspired to finish my blog quickly to be able to add the pages that I want...and may even make it to Modcloth's 'Blogger of the moment' section. Hopes up for the future. :)


In Time

It's 8:00 in the morning and I'm still working on my blog layout. Don't worry, it looks kinda crap BUT I am getting there. I'm trying my best here you know. So far I have finished off the 3 column thing which was completely hard to to. And I had to make a different banner because the other one was boring me once again. Mine still looks dull but Hopefully in time, it will be better. Gotta go get ready for schoolio.