There are 3 more sleeps until Christmas and if you're like me, you might still be behind on shopping and wrapping your presents. Peter and I usually make our presents every year to give to our friends and family and it really helps to also plan the way I would like to wrap everything to perfectly display our heart-work gifts with just an extra touch of personalisation. If you're struggling to figure out ways to wrap your presents this year and want to add that creative flow to your wrapping to make up for the years of ordinary wrapping you've done, I've compiled some things that have inspired me this Christmas. You'll notice that I tend to lean towards kraft paper packaging, but it's just the most versatile. 










Today it seems I find myself figuring out that I have a lot of catching up to do and start fulfilling my needs to update my blog more often. I'm officially on a uni break once more and have yet to decide if I shall continue third trimester or wait until March next year to continue my course. Until then, I like having more time to do what I can. I was all around Melbourne today with my dad and his niece from his brother's wife's side of the family because we are showing her around the city with the little time that she has here. St. Kilda and the general CBD were the destinations with cafe's and galleries for pit stops during our journey. 


FilmNeverDie Cafe

I'm not a coffee person but I can surely appreciate the art of it and if there's one thing Melbourne is known for, quality coffee would be high up on the list. The CBD is filled with cafes at every corner competing to be the best of the best. I was at FilmNeverDie Cafe when I really should have been completing assignments but spending time somewhere that has been built up upon a community of not only coffee lovers but photography enthusiasts and hobbyists was so much more appealing. Gary started FilmNeverDie as a small shop in the back of his garage, alluring different photographers and newbies to a small but varied world of  film photography with a wide range of 35mm, medium and large format cameras. Since then, he's opened up his own cafe on Bourke street as a collaboration with Magnet gallery (formally Photonet) and Hunter Studio as a space for all sorts of creatives. 



It seems like the weather is all anyone can talk about since we are transitioning with Spring vibes and I have to say, it felt lovely to be out in the sun with the weekend exceeding the 20s. Hello warmth, it's been a while.



It's not often you come across a review like this, or at least not on my blog. Periods suck and it seems like an unfortunate taboo that women have to live with which is a real shame as it is only a normal occurrence that usually happens every month for most girls. Sure, there are plenty of embarrassing stories we can share but in the end, they're just slip ups during the monthly pain we all have to endure. In this review, I'll be talking about what the benefits of this cup are and how I feel after I have used them. I'll also give you a run down on how they work so yes, keep reading if you want to know how it works or if you're just interested in the idea. Otherwise, this post might not be for you, but in any case, enjoy reading about my experience!



I don't think I've ever introduced the first day of a month or of a season on this blog before and yet, I'm not sure why. I've been looking forward to warmer weather which is so unlike myself and I feel very much surprised by admitting so. 



One more sleep until Spring! Mind you, the sun only came out for about 20 minutes and currently it has become very gloomy outside since then. 



I've introduced my dogs and some of my other pets before and having pets seem to be one of my best conversation starters with people I'm still getting to know. It's fun to watch different reactions from people once they realize that I have more animals than I need where I reside and when I explain that I have some scaly creatures as well. This is Flynn Rider but Flynn for short. He's named after Eugene from the movie Tangled. The only way animals like him should ever be worn is around your neck or wrist, alive. He's much smoother and slender compared to my other fur babies but I have so much respect for him none the less. 2 years ago, I honestly would not have seen myself owning a reptile. They freaked me out and I had negative feelings towards them. Especially snakes. I'm a curious person though and when I come across tonnes of suggested videos which eventually lead up to people and their crazy animal pets, I became fascinated with people who chose to have reptilians to look after rather than a cat or dog. I've since learned to appreciate the beauty of these slithering animals and began to want one for myself. 

Flynn is a Green Tree Python and his kind does not come cheap. The exotic pet trade is illegal here in Australia, but I can't believe this Sorong GTP is something I can have for my own. Snakes like him need quite some high quality care. Although he's actually pretty easy to look after, there were many things I had to consider and risk before I got him. I also had to acquire a wildlife license before I could purchase him and that is not an easy or quick process. It delayed for longer than a month when the breeder and I had exchanged hundreds of emails and was just playing the waiting game. Alas, he was sent to me all carefully packaged. Altogether, there was so much paperwork just to be able to have him as a pet and I don't think I've ever had to do such an amount of work and research for anything like him before. But it was worth it.

His enclosure is a live vivarium and he looks rather pretty being as green and bright as he is. He's nice and had never bitten. In fact, he could be the most shyest Green Tree Python there is, knowing their reputation is actually quite aggressive. A bite by him is enough to make you remember for a lifetime to try and never be bitten by a GTP ever again.



When we can, Peter and I visit the boathouses in Williamstown and we try to make sure the owners or members of the anglers club aren't around. When they are, taking pictures can get a little awkward but when they're not, sitting by the end of one of the piers can be quite therapeutic on a day with good weather.



Maybe it's the reruns of That 70s Show that's influencing my recent love for 70s inspired picks. I'm just really digging the mustards, rusty reds, khaki, denim, browns and orange hues. Besides eyeing Jackie Burkhart and Donna Pinciotti (bringing back memories yet?), Glassons has perfectly recaptured my favourite casual pieces and some that I never thought I really want to try. This winter has only made my love for stripes even deeper and my curiosity in trying more things much stronger. I think I need a new belt and possibly add to my very minuscule denim collection. This is possibly the best excuse to buy more stripes though. I honestly don't think I have enough.


The sun came out today but it was rather windy and most of the time I was squinting as I faced towards the hard breeze. As a Melbournian, it is my right to enjoy this beautiful sunshine while it lasts.



It's been so exciting to wait for the snow to fall in Victoria due to the antarctic blast this weekend but the forecast as always was just so unpredictable and for the first time, I was frustrated at the current fluctuation of snow vs. rain.


I've been waiting a while to visit the Melbourne Zoo and today my mum and I took a trip there. I get free entry to all Victorian zoos and the only one I've really been to is the Werribee Open Range Zoo. 



I've been wanting to make this post for a long while now but I never knew how I'd go about talking lashes. I wanted to break this into two parts; the first being my experiences and my favourite products; and the second being a tutorial on how to put them on with ease. No matter how old we first start, beginners will always find a hard time with them. 



Happy July! It's funny how our city is celebrating Christmas in July which would be something completely foreign to the rest of the world. The rest of the world is enjoying summer or warmer weather than us and when I read other blogs, I can see them all baring their legs with smiles.



I'm sure you've seen Ruskii and Poo-Chu on the blog from time to time but I really wanted to take the time to appreciate these warm companions of mine. I gave them both a bath today and I wish I could somehow upload the way they smell for you to sniff...



Did I mention I'm on a uni break? Finally, the time has come where I'm no longer stressing about counted essays and it feels great to be spending most of the weekends as carefree as I can along with Peter's company.


One of my favourite pictures of Peter down at Woodend yesterday. It's such a lovely small town that may be cold in winter but you're sure to feel it's warmth.



Amongst all my copious amounts of assignments I am still yet to conquer, I am quite overdue to post about my trip to the Philippines and to delay myself all the more, here's a recent walk Peter and I went on this previous Sunday.



It's a busy week for me especially for my first day of uni for the trimester and it will only be as busy until my family and I leave for the Philippines this Friday.
After last year's units, I think I've figured how I'll be staying organised this year. While you might think I'd be going overboard with a calander, extra timetable, diary and weekly planner, from what I've learned last year, things like this seem to help with getting very important things like oh, I don't know... assignments done and handed in on time.



Rooftop car parks do have the potential to be great locations for photo opportunities when and if you have luckily caught that special time frame for a few snaps.
We went to Ikea last Sunday and it wasn't my intention to make a post from here but the thought came to me as I was pre-deciding what sheets to pick from Ikea which has no correlation to their car park.



"The forest was too deep and the hills were too steep. And since there were no houses there, no one thought to build a road. And without roads and houses, the place just sort of stayed that way: empty of people. 
The place, over time, just became more overgrown and more inhospitable. And so... it was named the Impassible Wilderness and everyone knew to steer clear"  - Colin Meloy, Wildwood.



Sometimes I have nothing to do and I always intend on getting out and driving somewhere but most of the time, I'll admit that I tend to be culled back into bed and watch episodes of my favourite shows. 



Undoubtedly my most favourite looks out of the whole  Valentino Haute Couture Spring/Summer collection. There's something romantic about the soft palette and delicate tulle which seems to float as you walk. Wear your heart on your dress and wander within the clouds, rainbows and flora all as you stride in your Valentino gown.


Happy Feet

Last winter I added Moxi Lolly skates to my summer wishlist but unfortunately, it's been really hard to save up for a pair. It's a little depressing every time I want to check out at the checkout.


The Little Quirks' blog layout has changed once again. This is probably something I do every few years because I tend to get an itch to change things up a little. What do you guys think?
Thinking back on how my past preferences for this blog has been, I feel like different phases have quickly passed me by. I remember having little to no knowledge of HTML and sticking to the classical templates with a tri-colour palette.



Bunnies are just unbelievably cute. It's a fact and Fifi Lapin is no exception to the rule. Her aptly chic wardrobe has given me a whirlwind of inspirational spark. She adorns the likes of Betsey Johnson, Sevigny, Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, Orla Keily and Valentino just to name a modest few. Her shop is currently under construction but I really look forward to coveting a few of her stylish pieces. 



This might seem like a rather long post but I really couldn't choose 6 pictures that I liked the most but at least I'm not posting all 41 that I had originally chosen to pick from. I decided to make a separate post to my previous one as these are sort of different locations and I was originally imagining this to be my outfit post. I know I haven't had many outfit posts this summer than I wish I could have. To sort-of (but I know not really) make up for it, I've added a few more pictures here.


Eeep! I've finally come around to editing my pictures from mine and Peter's second year anniversary. My laptop was in dire need of a second life before I could edit these and for a while, I just couldn't get around to it. I realise I don't have as much as I did on last year's post but these turned out just so beautiful and I love this collection all the more.



It's a little ironic for me to be wearing a summer daisy dress on a wet day where even a cardigan is needed, especially after a couple of days in summer's heat. If you know Melbourne's weather, then you wouldn't be surprised to see



In 2013 Erin from Calivintage was heavily pregnant during the Christmas holidays. I've followed her blog since 2010 and I still love her content. Her smock dresses are one of my favourite things that she likes to wear and I only wish for retail here in Australia to have more of those. I've been scrolling through her outfit archives because as you already know, it's summer here and since Erin resides in Southern California, I thought a bit of Calivintage inspiration was needed for summer 2015. She has a certain knack for loose fitting items, stripes, thrifted pieces and linen cotton clothes that I just want more of. But can I just admire her festive attire? She looks adorable in her crushed velvet smock dress and her vintage blazer. She has since given birth to a beautiful baby boy and what blessed little boy he is to have such a gorgeous mama like her.

Images via Calivintage.



It's so hard to cope with 38+ days especially when the only source of air conditioning in your house resides solely in your parents bedroom. The fans struggle along with my pets who can't seem to make their mind up where they want to rest that would be less warmer for them. It's just too damn hard. Since I heard that yesterday's weather was going to be another one of those days, I asked Peter if we could check out Trentham Falls for a couple of hours and so, that we did.


A Walk In The Heat

I may have mentioned once before that I volunteer at the Werribee Open Range Zoo so I spend a few minutes some days strolling the grounds catching quick glimpses of the animals before or after each shift. Although I was able to go for a round today, it was inevitable that I was sticking to my clothes in the heat and to anything leathery for the rest of the day. I've never volunteered on a scorching hot day before and after today, I don't take the thought of it too fondly. I barely got to take pictures of the animals as they were all slouching around within view but too far to notice in a picture so I'm afraid I have left those out with hopes to take some more pictures with luck next time. I did however, manage to snap one of an African boa which wasn't as exciting since he/she wasn't up anyway either. For now, I'm volunteering in Ranger Kids which is a room that all beginner volunteers start in. It's a great learning and hands on experience for the children where they can dress up and be veterinarians, rangers, tortoises or dress up as one of the people from the tribe of Melako.

Today out of all days, I held a tortoise! Unfortunately, I hadn't taken a picture of one or with one as of course, I needed to help the keeper out for the visitors but it was fun and exciting. The leopard tortoise's name was Neville (highly ironic as I'm currently divulging in the Harry Potter instalments) and he was 6kgs light. He was happy and grazed around happily. After the 10 minute encounter, he had to head back in to the Ranger Kids room where his enclosure is located. I'm sure if Australia allowed me to have a tortoise, there is no doubt that I would indeed have one. This year, you might see a lot of posts of when I go to the zoo just because it's always such a fun place and though it'll always look the same, each experience is it's own and that's something I'd like to share.