Fascinate Me

Today's the big day and I'm quite certain that Bride-in-process, Kate Middleton is prepping herself for the world's wedding of this century. She's been talked up by columnists and external media of her recent public appearances, including the divine Issa dress that women around the world are striving to get their hands on to emulate Middleton's infamous dress. Besides the expensive, clean cut dresses that suit her perfectly, this woman has a lot going on in her head. or should I say, ON her head. She has mighty statement fascinators that are absolutely adoring. I, myself envy the hats and fascinators that make special appearances on her head so here's some to share. 

Carter Smith Photography

Amazing photographers are rising amongst the sea of talented individuals who are being recognised for their unique eye for precision and colour. At the moment, Carter Smith proves his place of inspiring photos he has captured, being worthy of an incredible photographer. 
My favourite element which Carter includes is fantasy. His photography consists of mystery and is very whimsical as he is very clever with his use of colour in dark contrasts.
Most images via Big Picture



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Good Friday Morning Innit?

It may seem that I'm starting to forget about my blog but it's not that at all. You have no idea how much i would love to everyday. I just get real caught up with school in the early morning to school work at during the late hours of night. But anyways, that doesn't matter.

Easter is coming this weekend! And the reason why I'm writing an entry is because I will be packing m bags tonight for a weekend trip to Sydney. I'm way too excited about this trip that i had still not packed my clothes. Though I think that won't be too hard since I'm only going to be gone for 3 and a half days. But I won't be "gone" gone from here. I will actually be taking my laptop with me so I can put up daily posts on the fabulous view I heard there is there, the structures and maybe outfit posts since I'll be with my parents and it's quite embarrassing to pose in front of them as they are Filipinos who are incredibly loud, therefore finding the attention which we don't need.

We're planning to go up Blue Mountains because apparently there's a lot to do up there during the day for family activities. Then I definitely have to head down to Bondi Beach just so I can officially say that I have been to Bondi. Except people probably won't care. It's a short holiday and we won't be spending much because really, it's just to relax. And because it's a birthday present to both my mother and dad. 

I think we'll be checking out the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and no doubt I will see my dad shuffling us over, making sure our faces are happy and all just so we could take pictures. It'll all be great fun even though I said I wouldn't go on holiday with my parents ever again. 

Hopefully I'll have time to blog before or just when we arrive and settle down with maybe a couple of pictures of the amazing view.


Helium Wonderland

I had recently watched an advertisement for a Champaigne company and they used slow motion on a balloon filled with water which popped. Now I don't know about you but this intrigues me so much as the sight of it was just magnificant and really pretty. I thought about it for a little while and now i really like balloons. I'm just so fascinated with it's shape and ability to float gracefully when filled with helium. The beautiful colours that they come in brings me back to childhood memories of hugging my balloon.


Jeffrey Campbell Creations

It had never once occurred to me that the art of shoe-making played a massive role in fashion. I always thought of it as a compulsory necessity that may come by as either expensive or cheap and it was really up to us of our price preference. Ever since I started blogging, I've come across some amazing designers whether it be clothes or accessories but Jeffrey Campbell seriously takes a hit on the art form of designing incredible, fashionable shoes. I would say that Jeffrey Campbell would be the only expensive brand of shoes that I would buy just to fill up my closet. I am yet to own a pair myself, but that will be up to me when I visit the Tuchuzy store in Sydney next weekend. My personal preference is a Lita boot. But I'm really up for anything JC related really.

Here is some of his amazing collections:

All images via Solestruck


In Mind

Our church is once again hosting our annual women's conference called the 'Adore Conference' and I'm absolutely stoked for the preachers that are lined up for this year. Mother had already paid for our tickets at the last Adore Conference so all we're doing is counting down. My best friend will be coming along this year too. I defiantly missed her last year. I believe that it was 3 years ago that my Mother and I had decided to sponsor a child together with Compassion. She is a gorgeous little girl and her name is Myra. Since then, Mother has added an extra child to sponsor and he is from Ethiopia. His name is Habtamu. Our family prays for them every day, that God will continue to flourish in their lives. It's truly amazing how much us women can really make a difference in another person's life. 

That's what the conference is about. Equipping the women of God so that when she is released back into the world, to her family and friends, she will be the light with the ambition of impacting the lives of many so that they may become influenced to be the same and reflect the blessings given to them, to others. I think there's something about a room filled with women that is inspiring as each one of us gather to connect and create partnership whilst helping new friends along the way.

The first night of the 2 day conference is very formal, where all the women dress up very-lady like and put make up on. It's a beautiful sight really. Seeing women dress up because each and every individual is just so stunning in their own way. My favourite part of that night is probably when the men dress up in tuxedos and a stainless, white apron to cater to the women. It's beautiful really. I'm really hoping to conjure up an outfit like this to wear to the opening night. It's kinds of inspired by Alexa Chung's famous  little-girl look. Although, I've always loved that look. Plus, it includes the shade of beige that I'm truly admiring at the moment.


The Shades of Beige

If you haven't actually noticed, I've been quite attracted to the colour beige or any other pale-related colour. It's such a pretty and very classy colour and I thought that it would be nice to share it with you too. It's often worn as a skirt or dress, but I really just like the colour in general.
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Shop Ruche

Are you yet to see the Shop Ruche's Indie Era Lookbook online? Would you by any chance love the preppy outfits just as much as I do? Because I'm head over heels for this outfit by Dear Creatures. I think it's the plaid print Gretel Dress that charms me with it's stunning looks. The dress is also paired with some kooky floral socks and now I'm inspired. Two opposites certainly attract.
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Tumblr 100th Follower Reward

Congratulations to follower: pleasureinyourpanties for being my 100th follower and with that I have rewarded her with this In Like A Medallion Necklace by Modcloth. Keep following guys!This is my first giveaway ever and I'm loving how generous it makes me feel. I can't wait to reward my followers with such things. I'm sure you all feel lovely and quite exuberant after finding out that you'll be receiving something on behalf of myself in your mail.


To Be My Stranger

I like the way Amanda thinks when she pondered on the era where people wore hats to hide their identity, to have people wondering in mystery. 

All images via mandaaXpandaa