Sugar Coating

I've pretty much grabbed every typical thing to coax me into the temporary state of tranquility that I have been experiencing all week. I've asked for sweets, eaten all the snacks, found food that shouldn't be snacked on and snacked on it anyway, watching my favourite shows, eating the ice-cream in the freezer, cleaning my room, cleaning the house, eating when I'm already full and the one thing I've almost cried for all week is chocolate. It's not so much as something to be worried over but I mean, I'll admit, it's pretty darn normal for us women if not, most to go through these intervals. It's not an issue or concern, but more of a surprise as I can't believe I'm experiencing such a whirlwind of  overly sensitive feelings. BUT the dealio is that I'm not moody. See, I've actually quite enjoyed the outcomes of this very rare occurrence on my behalf. Anybody feel wonderful when they've done a full spree of spring cleaning and then feel like you can tackle the world the minute you've completed it all? I haven't walked the dogs in a while and I loved it just as much as the girls did. Mum usually does it in the mornings when I'm still lazily asleep in bed. I like watching shows with my mum when she has her breaks from her assignments and attempting to get her to talk about anything other than her assignments. I don't feel helpless right now. 

That being said, I can't say I'm in the best place either because I have nothing to pinpoint this to, quite exactly. I mean, I'd like to blame it on the next cycle of my period (hey, we're all ladies here... I think) but as a note, it will be a while. I've noticed that once I've accomplished my mandatory goals for the day, I feel great and the positive energy I have rubs off onto my mamabird which then rubs off onto my dad. Any positivity like that is sacredly appreciated especially in our family since I like to believe that we are almost borderline chaotic. But once I'm calm and have overcome my so called hype for the day, I become strangely emotional. Forgive me for the rare normality of this but it'll wear off in a couple of days. I've counted a total of 4 times that I've had a "good cry" this week. The most odd things and regretfully also at nothing. I wasn't gloating in negative thoughts. I'd just have the urge to cry a little and admittedly, it felt really good. So I don't know exactly what the source of this emotional wave is coming from but I'm hoping it'll be over soon because it's not helping the dry skin around my left eye heal any faster when it should. 

Now... let me watch the Pretty Little Liars double whammy with the spin-off, Ravenswood.


Puppy Sitting

My best friend asked me to puppy sit her two dogs today while she was out for a couple of hours. She has a new labrador named Samson and he is one heck of a handful 70 percent of the time -ok, make it 80.  He's a pup so he's a constant pee-er and he's teething so you can only imagine how much a play bite hurts with his sharp pearly whites and that firmly structured jaw of his. Samson and Delilah seem to be getting along quite well now after a week of their introduction. Despite the first few months of baby-dilemmas, he sure will be a keeper. Samson is still quite floppy and that pot belly is huge. His fur is soft, his paws are ginormous, his cries are high-pitched and yet somehow he has an adorable personality. Once he falls asleep, he'll be dead-sleeping for ages. He's actually become slightly heavier than the last time I saw him and he seems to love being carried. He better enjoy it while he lasts because I'm sure he won't be carried for too long. I can't wait to see how much he grows in a few months time. What a cute little menace. 

Rosapina Vintage

I'm a major fan of collar'd blouses in soft colours especially now that it's spring. Rosapina Vintage channels vintage pieces with midi skirts in their new collection and I can't help but adore the lookbook with high ponytails and plats.

Juke Box Baby

Portable vintage speaker cases by Juke Case.


The Warmth I Like

I'd like to be proud of what became of today. Starting off with a couple of things to help my mama with like washing the two little dogs and cleaning up a little while one of them got their hair -or more so, their knots cut off, leaving Poo-Chu with an uneven new "do". Peter and I visited a fabric store which we previously managed to stop by just after closing hours and I was left, locked outside and a little disheartened. Despite how unfortunate that day was, we actually made it in this time and the browse was haven. I mean, cottons in different patterns COLOUR COORDINATED though to my dismay, I didn't leave with any of them. But thankfully, I didn't leave empty handed either. With the amount of fanciful fabric, I probably would have grieved leaving with nothing. Peter bought me spandex which I'm absolutely excited about. And I hate saying that. Not because it's embarrassing, but because spandex. Stating how excited I am about it makes me slightly uncomfortable but their purpose is for a swimsuit I prototyped this week. All I need is lining and it shouldn't take me too long to have them done. 

After the seemingly long venture to Brunswick, we ate and promised to eat all that was on our plate. Never again could we order what we did and try to finish it. I mean, we managed to but it was a struggle for me to breathe especially since I made this dress myself. The classic silhouette doesn't accommodate room for too much food. We walked the food off in Altona and stayed there for a while. Posting these pictures up, I now see how we managed to 'somehow' colour coordinate. I love that anchor shirt.
Dress: Made it myself// Jellies: Lipstik// Headband: Target// Bag: Collette


Winding Down The Fast Lane

Almost 10 months ago was the new year which means we've already surpassed our Easter, most birthdays, three terms of school, mid-year intakes, graduations and received most of our taxes back. Without realising how swiftly this year goes by, we're still left complaining about how far the weekend is, or when the next holiday will be. I guess for me, it wouldn't be the same as I haven't been studying full-time for over a year now. It'll be time to get back into the swing of things next year. But until then, there's still a couple more celebrations that are on their way before the year is renewed and so many more things to be done. It's been three years and my best-friend and mother will be finishing their last year of Uni before entering their grad year. I for one, am looking forward to doing the whole "uni thing" again. I even look forward the the whining that will be me when the load picks up and the stress increases. Essays will be rusty yet, I'm still counting on them and goodness knows how I'll be coping. Summer is on it's way and though I'm not a major fan myself, I'm well over-eager for the warmer vibes, company and adventures to have before settling down next year. I guess what I'm trying to say is; I can't wait but it can wait.
Flats: Rubi//Shirt: Blackbyrd (Peter's shirt)//Skirt: Maxim//Belt: Thrifted

Orla Kiely Spring/Summer 2014

Flicking through collections from the current season, Orla Kiely has peeped it's way into plenty of posts on my dashboards. While my disinterest took its turn, I'll wholeheartedly agree with every girl who passes through this collection. The rather safari-fied ensembles are adorable even though I'm not a fan of beret's, they complete the collection no doubt. Somehow it combines french and african together so well. The collars are of great use in here and I mostly favour the boyish attire.