Lovely Guest Post by Lisa

Interview Attire: How Quirky is Too Quirky? 
If you’re planning your outfit for your next big interview, you may be wondering how to balance your personal style with professionalism. It’s good to express a bit of who you are at an interview without overwhelming your potential employer. Also keep in mind that your limitations may depend on the type of job you’re shooting for. An artsy position may give you a little more leeway than an admin position. Here are a couple of tips to stylize and minimize simultaneously: 
  1. Use Bright Colors to Accessorize  

Professionalism is generally associated with subdued colors like gray, khaki, and black. Consider using these colors for the foundation of your outfit. For example, try a gray pantsuit with a solid black shirt underneath the jacket. If you want to add color, consider wearing a unique bracelet or subtle yet colorful necklace. As you can imagine, a red bracelet will be less startling to employers than a flaming red blazer.  

  1. Think Timeless, Not Trendy 

Those clunky, lime green wedges you just bought may look great with the right outfit, but field testing them in an interview is probably not your best bet. If you want to look up-to-date but still streamline, try a mustard heel or burgundy flat. Regarding jewelry, keep it individualized to your taste but keep it small. Enormous beads and bangles hanging off your neck may give your interviewer the impression that you are too “out there” for the position.  

  1. Consider Shape, Fit, and Modesty 

A long, flowing skirt may be the perfect choice for a day at the park, but in an interview, you’ll want to opt for something a little more form-fitting. Showing off your shape a little is good, but make sure your clothing is not too tight or showy. You want to appear confident, but not revealing or indecent. If you’re looking for one word to sum up how you should dress for an entire, keep the word “subtle” in mind. Think Go-getter, not Lady Gaga.  
Remember that in an interview, confidence and self-assurance are essential. Plan your outfit wisely and dress to impress! 
Author’s Bio: Lisa is a guest writer who loves fashion and beauty blogs. She’s also keen on Brooklyn storage and minimalism.

Guest Blogger, Lisa from www.blogcontentguildblog.com

The New Love of The New Year

It's New Years Eve and I was thinking of trying to make these delicate sweets that I've adored all year long. Most people come to Typo to search for favourable notebooks and stationary they would possibly come in handy. As much as their merchandise is dominated with charming, quirky items, I on the other hand won't find much use of them since I acquire some at home with often many blank pages which would most likely take a while to satisfy each page. I often find myself lurking into the hallow corners of the store and searching for printed books that I mostly take interest in.
This lovely recipe book I picked out finally teaches me how to make all sorts of flavoursome Macarons. It's filled with delicious illustrations and photographs on step by step instructions and ingredients for making the perfect macaron. I'm starting today but in the meanwhile, my eggs are still thawing and I am still yet to purchase extra ingredients that I don't think occupy the pantry or fridge.

Holidays So Far...

I've been extremely busy so I am yet to start whining and creating Facebook complaints stating how boring my life is and how purposeless my week has been.  I just wanted to take a quick second to belatedly greet everyone a Joyous Christmas,  I really do hope everyone was with their family and/or friends to keep each other company. It's probably my favourite thing about Christmas, having to share it with the ones you love. Although it's a shame to make Christmas one of the rarest occasions during the year to be a family. 
It's New Years Eve today :) Might see most of you all next year!


Topshop Came To Town

The other day, my bestie and I took a stroll down Chapel Street, treating ourselves by musing through the stores and admiring the items which were sold at HIGH PRICE. So perhaps we didn't purchase anything, but we'll be coming back... once we get paid *smiles all around*. Topshop however, has finally made their appearance in Melbourne so scanning the store thoroughly felt somewhat enticing, yet I managed to control myself with what I saw. Here were some of my favourites (note* there is plenty).

Images via Topshop

Trips To Nowhere

So  a friend got me thinking, then I was inspired...



Did I ever tell you that My family had adopted a new baby animal into our family? Recently, our last rat passed away and I had asked permission (merely) to buy us a baby ferret to fill in the unfortunate gap which was left behind. He's been such a gorgeous bundle of joy and I can admittedly say (without a doubt) that my parents have accepted him into the family and we are all loving him unconditionally. Although, I am yet to introduce him to my fellow doggies outside since they Ted to get quite vicious when a new scent is found around the home. Here's marley.


Wrong Weather, Wrong Season

It's been feeling slightly cooler than it should be for the start of Summer. Rain, wind and colder weather has settled down in Melbourne for the past few days so I felt this post was right in order. Today, Mother and I took a trip to her Uni to hand in some forms and whilst we were in the city roaming around, we took a walk down Gertrude Street where we discovered a handful of gorgeous boutiques standing next to each other. We took little time to look around so we stood outside windows, in awe of the displays. One of my favourites I had seen today is Preap And Coutts. Have a look at their Winter/Autumn Collection (in collaboration to the recent forecast).

Images via Preap and Coutts


Quirky Love: Infinity and Beyond

While many people love to use the sky as their limit, I've been told to dream bigger. We should always ask for the moon and back. I may want to fly and soar, but I also wan to float and wander through the magnificent display of stars and the universe.