What The Wear?

The video I promised to put up will be up. When I edit out the mistakes and what-not. Bare with me and they'll be up in no time. And, my hair is so short!


The Pacific Paradise

So recently, one of my best friends travelled overseas with their mother to some more tropical regions of the world. He asked me what I wanted and I thought that it had to be cheap where he was going so I requested for Escada perfume. He actually told me that it was quite pricey so I told him that it was okay if he didn't get it. But then, he contacted me saying he did find it elsewhere for around $6AUS and I was so excited when he said this. Mind you, I haven't actually owned a bottle of perfume in a year or more now and Escada's fruity scent has always been my favourite. It's called Pacific Paradise and it contains a fresh, luscious scent of berries and other sweet fruits that I can't yet decipher.
(yeah it is flipped around)

It's A Whimsical World

I stumbled upon a small collection of photography from Vogue Korea. There's mystery behind the pictures and it's the type of photography that would constantly remind me of a fantasy world which is completely non-existant except for my idle brain. I like the contrast of dark and bold colours and I'm completely charmed by the fragile and awkward poses that the model displays. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is some sort of element in this type of photography which intrigues me.
All images via My Modern Met


What The Wear?

It was a very cold morning so I had to quickly put something on. Not much of a deal really. I really felt like red though...

Sam, You Have No Soul

So here's an explanation for my absence for the last few weeks. I pretty kept my "life" locked up inside my room as I watched all seasons of Supernatural. There's 22 episodes in each season and each episode runs for about 42 minutes each so you can only imagine how much of my time was wasted watching at least 6 episodes a day. I'm not going to lie though, I knew the consequences of focusing on a fictional television show yet, I couldn't helped being hooked. 
 Sam and Dean Winchester lead some kick-ass life fighting demons and mythical creatures which of course we all know don't exist. I used to like Sam more, but now I just can't get enough of both Sam and Dean. They've changed so much since first season that I can't even take my eyes off my laptop to have a look at the steamy scenes...
But anyways, sorry and I hope you understand why I put blogging to a halt. I'll be back tonight.

All images via screenshot


Within The Eyes Of The iPhone Holder

Hi again,
This time I haven't failed to post something quick tonight. I bought a pretty cool app today which my best friend recommended over a brief conversation as we commented each other on our Instagram apps. It's called Mosaiq and I think it's pretty wicked and fresh for abstract photography. On Tumblr, earlier today I introduced my new section which I felt like calling 'What The Wear?' which obviously is inspired by this app. It's pretty much snapshots of the detailing of my outfit choices for the day. Hopefully this time,  this section may become accredited to future plans I guess. I also thought to use it for outfit posts but we'll see how that goes in the future also. 

A Little Late

I've had this window open for 3 hours and i haven't had time to type anything I had wished to only because  it as an attempt to get this done whilst doing some chores and personal things of my own like washing clothes, dishes, folding and even dying my hair.

So hopefully tonight I'll be able to have a decent entry. I'm so lame.


Little Gracie Please

Looking around on Etsy today, I came across a unique Forever New-style shop that I fell in love with this morning. Their dresses are very sweet and I think it's cute shop that you should check out. Plenty of the dresses are pale, pastel and beige colours so it shows off how romantic this home made brand is. To match, they take stunning photography too which look so lovely.
All images via Little Gracie