Tiny Home Business For TLQ?

I've been keeping a surprise which will massively contribute to The Little Quirks. It's taken a couple of months to get through planning and being financially stable, whilst working around my hours and time to study for my course. but i think that you deserve to know that secretly, I have been trying to manage a small Vintage Boutique at home and going opp-shopping for special items that are worthy to be altered and modified to make a fitting that suits you. Along the way, I've found great places to thrift and whilst listening to music that I need to memorize for my band, I've been altering many garmets to assist me with my online shop. Before I finally launch the official onlne shop, I'm still quite unsure with names. What do you any of you think of The Little Quirks Boutique, The Little Quirks Vintage, The Little Quiks Shop, Shop The Little Quirks or TLQ Vintique? Give me ideas anyone. I have many inspirational online stores that I often visit such as:
Edie Vintage found on Ebay Australia
LA Vintage found on a website [unavailable at the moment]
Twitch Vintage found on Ebay

Clever Nettle found on etsy
and Vintage Marketplace found on Facebook

The best thing about these shops is that they are found anywhere on the internet. So hopefully by the end of April I can officially launch the shop with a site and everything else. I'm very excited and I intend to keep updating you with all of this.
Also, i've been getting emails asking about my music course and that i should put a video up of me singing. Maybe I will for my readers or followers on Tumblr.

The Illustrated Mind

Browsing around on Chictopia today as I do and I found these really inspiring illustrations by user, KaylaMeow. Her imagination reaches creativity is different angles and different styles of fashion. She mixes up some edge, class and formality do her designs so I really can't to see what else she can come up with in the future. Follow her here


Shorter than ever...

I'm thinking of getting straight bangs again. Yay or nay?


Mulberry Muse

After visiting the Finders Keepers Market yesterday, right now I'm down on the hunt to find my favourite designers and I remember Mulberry Muse capturing my attention (besides the fact that I'm a sucker for stationary) as their collection seemed like a vintage fantasy. Their presentation of whimsical prints and almost delicate drawings had made me wish I was that creative. I wanted to buy a couple of things but I hadn't quite figured out what I'd use them for besides a corner ornament, soon to attract dust. So I didn't end up buying anything. But they were even extravagantly alluring so I could just sit in front of my Mac staring at the collection al day.

All images via Finders Keepers


Finders Keepers Market

The boy and I had made plans to visit the Finder Keepers Market in Melbourne today where Victorian designers and/or vintage finders get together to sell their best-selling items that they either sell on Etsy or they're own personal websites, sponsored by their blogs. This event usually happens annually but I have a couple of reasons to believe that there will be another market held at the same place towards the end of the year. It was a very pleasant location where yachts and billion-dollar boats are set, so pretty much at a harbour.
So I figured that I really need to bring a spare pair of flats with me when wearing heels in the city. It does get tiring and my feet start to feel the piercing throb on the balls of my feet. I was trying to get as many pictures as I could of the place and stalls of my favourite designers but 1. My battery died halfway through our tour of the shed and 2. Ink was pretty anal about being rude by not asking the owners if I could take pictures (but others just seemed to do it without asking). So I only got a few. I noticed that people like Calico and almost each stall that we walked by had either used Calico for their presentation, or it was the printed fabric which they were actually selling.
We saw some pretty creative things and I am so unlucky for being unprepared for this. There was so many things that i was meaning to get my hands on and personally own, but my wallet seemed to be damned and awfully lonely.
But it was a good day and hopefully we can make it to the next one.


Magazine Evolution?

Today, I'm just catching up on the history of which I didn't get to witness as I grew up and so this if the perfect opportunity to go through the deepest depths of the closet and uncover those old magazine covers that are well-known in as international magazines.
1) Vogue November 1964: Audrey Hepburn
2) Harper's Magazine 1957: -
3) Marie Claire June 1965: Gina Lollobrigida
4) Cosmopolitan September 1951: -
5) Vanity Fair September 1896: -
6) Playboy November 1955: -


In Memory of Elizabeth Taylor

The 60's iconic fashionista had passed away, leaving her legacy for all the lovely ladies to remember her by. The inspiring face of 50's pin-ups will always remind us of her ever so youthful grace. This is in memory of her.

Images via:

Doh Ray And Mi ...

Just finished one of my favourite classes today. Music theory. So at the moment i'm recovering from the mind-blowing repetition of the Sohla's that our teacher is forcing us to drill straight to the core of our brains. I find it somewhat amusing to see a majority of students participate in a class ensemble, randomly created by the teacher. 
Since today is a little bit wet outside and a fair bit chilly also, I had to quickly put together an outfit that seems to look quite casual today. I was really hoping to  find something to coordinate with my red jacket and so darker shades seemed safer and quicker to make something with. Originally I was going to stick with just the jacket and the dress but my neck was feeling a little bit bare for the weather and I nonchalantly grabbed my mustard coloured scarf as first resort. Turns out my outfit is very striking and you could probably notice who I was from a fair distance away. Taking outfit pictures just after the rain didn't seem much of a good idea so I stayed inside the backyard where shelter was of close aid. This just meant that my dogs were roaming around whilst I was posing. Ruskii says hi. But only to me because she hates cameras. She gets frightened just by the sight of my phone so you could only imagine what goes through her head when she sees a Canon EOS with massive gadgets that my dad set up with it.
Shoes:London Rebel//Stockings:Target//Dress:Glassons//Jacket:Target//Scarf:Six Accessories//Frames:Ebay//Dog:MINE!
Oh and if you haven't realised, i've straightened my hair. I haven't done that in a fairly long time. I just can't be bothered wit the effort of doing it hence why my hair is usually tied up. But i wont be straightening it often. My layers aren't even which is why I feel extremely uncomfortable with straight hair at the moment
Since I'm still here, I'm going to be searching on 50's music for my History class.


Korhan Savas Interview

For a guy, he's cute and extremely sassy. He has a handful of modish hair and just he's as fashionable as a la mode. Some, may disagree but I like the quirky demeanour he displays. His name is Korhan and he's an acquaintance of mine so it's a blithe for me to share with you some of his flamboyant characteristics. He's quite unique and so I asked him my same questions and he hadn't the need to elaborate on them. He's straight forward and he knows his stuff especially when he's creative enough to create a few solitary outfits. I really admire his take of being "outside-the-box" with mens fashion.
At the age of 5, what did you want to become?
At the age of 5 I wanted to be a princess.

Who's your favourite fashion icon and why?
My fav fashion icon ATM would have to be lady gaga because she is very deering with whatever she wears.

Your top 5 fashion tips?
1: flaunt your best bits. top to bottom!
2: your hair matters with whatever you wear.
3: sunnies arnt just for day wear.
4: stepping out of the comfort zone is always eye catching. 
5: be a freak bitch, baby

Describe your crib.
It's a master peice. 

If you were to invent anything, what would it be?
A time machine to the 80s!
Images via Korhan's Facebook
For more details/To follow Korhan click here

Thanks Korhan!

Geeky Thursday's

Introducing Geeky Thursday's on a Wednesday only because I won't be able to blog tomorrow. I would probably Tumble a little but as for the access of internet and my laptop [including personal time] would be very minimal. This outfit I would defiantly wear and i am trying to look for items of the sort. Can't wait to show you the geeky ensemble that I come up with.

Expecting Winter

Autumn has arrived and I'm getting into the maxi mood to coordinate winter looks. My most favourite look though, is to pair maxi's with knits. It's almost something impulsive for me to use, like a rule of thumb for the time being. Neutrals or Dark shades. Maybe even shake it up with bolder classical colours.