A Celebration

It's been such a glorious day filled with love and thanks this Christmas. Christmas Eve was spent with the people that I love most along with Christmas day. I'm so thankful for my family and my friends who I get the privilege to also call my family. For the most part of the day, the sun reflected the warmth that had filled everyones hearts with great joy. I hope that this year, everyone had just as much of a beautiful Christmas as I did and that no one spent it feeling alone as this day is meant to be a day of gathering for a celebration and praise. I am so thankful that God has shown us love through passion and sacrifice that we may have a reason to come together and be merry, eat plenty of food and be blessed by the spirit of giving. I mean, I have my fair share of presents this year and I can't wait to use each and everyone of them for their purpose, but nothing beats that greatest present which is the birth of our saviour. Merry Christmas everyone!


Summer Dates And Plans

If there's one thing I loathe about an Australian summer, it would be how high the humidity could be in a day. It often leads to days trapped inside with a struggling aircon barely thriving to keep me cool. Now that the temperatures are gravely rising (I still don't understand why people love the heat), placid activities like picnics and days soaking the sun's rays that seep through the trees is something I appreciate so much more. I like the shade and embrace the breeze and for now that seems to be okay because I'm still yet to be drowning in a sweat puddle of my own. I'm also slightly glad that we've said goodbye to knitted sweaters, scarves and stockings as it feels innervating to be able to feel some warmth on my skin and touch the grass with my toes without my feet feeling like they'll completely frost within minutes. Along with the enjoyment of sunshine and warmer summer colours, I'm revering the time I get to spend with Peter on his days off. Most of the time, they're randomised but I've been thankful that each week is starting to flow into a routine so that not a lot of planning ahead is needed if we wanted to do small things like hikes or going on small dates.

Dotti dress
Shoes via Modcloth
Lovisa Cat Ears


The Hall

I'm a bit of a dreamer when it comes to walking through the magazine isles and catching a glimpse of the home magazines or wandering around the other end of Highpoint where there are plenty of homeware shops including the small section inside Country Road. The thought of going home-shopping instantly makes me wish I could be doing exactly that. Colours, patterns, shapes, sizes, new or old... these things circle my mind for days until I exhaust myself with the fact that I have no plans to get a place of my own. These feelings began to emerge when I walked into The Hall section of the new Typo store at Highpoint. The concept is very DIY-oriented and I love it. Cotton on's new line has impressed me. Many of the items are of modern tastes and I wish I could add a few into the kitchen, but my motherbird wouldn't be too pleased. I am in love with a lot of the dining items and the colours they come, and also the patterns of the cushions. It's also really good to see them continue more DIY projects into the store for people who have fidgety fingers like me, and what a perfect time of the year it is to be crafty!

Pictures via Cotton On


A Birthday With Pumpkins

I may not have had the time to watch some of my favourite Tim Burton films this year but it has been quite the October I never thought it would be. Right now, my heart swells with love and joy as I have spent he last 24 hours with family and friends. Halloween is an American traditional celebration as it is everywhere else in the world, and my inner-child never ceases to excite itself with the season of short festivities. I'm 22 now and I honestly don't think I'll be giving up liking the colours of pumpkins and kinds alike. There's something about having my birthday on this time of year that makes me think it's far from a curse and have always thought it a blessing. Im glad I have it on such a day because celebrating with family always seems to be more exciting sometimes. We carved pumpkins, ate food, slouched in pjs and had a few laughs without "inviting" so-called evil spirits as some believe. I also couldn't resist the filter as a sort-of tribute to he eerily taunting photographs of Halloween costumes in the 1910s, though I wouldn't pose so monotonous, but perhaps next year I could. 
Pictures by Peter

London Rebel Sandals
Pictures by Peter


A Catch Up

Here I am.

For those of who were wondering of my whereabouts for the last couple of months since my last post, I have been here. The same old here that I usually blog from and the same old here that used to be quite peaceful up until of course this last trimester of uni that I've just finished. It was a seemingly long trimester with yet another to go with an additional 2 units. I've decided to complete during the summer. And within this time it has really been all about being happy whilst. Being flooded with readings and assignments. See, this year none of my units have had a single exam but to make up for this, my only demise was an assignment to be due very frequently.

I would have loved to blog during this time but I felt it would be too hectic and I would eventually get distracted with many hours of reading and writing on the web instead of completing assignments before they're due. To compare the two trimesters I've had so far; I think the second went on for too long and I was almost that drained I may have sought to find refuge in therapeutic shopping to make myself feel better. Within this time, quite a handful has happened here. I feel like I have so much catching up to do with myself and my room, my mamabird and the dogs. Honestly, I've been consumed in trying to be happy with Peter and uni that I haven't paid much attention to the time I have with myself up until now. Occasionally o had those off days that I had finished an assignment and I felt I could relax, but now is the time I guess I could say I'm feeling much more relaxed and happier that I can do all the things I'd like to do.

It's October and it's my birthday month! I love the sound of Halloween but it's not a conventional holiday or celebration here unlike it is across the oceans but I feel I have an exception to this 'rule'. I haven't been so festive with the shortage of $$$ I have this year as uni only allows me to work a couple of days within my week. I can't believe 10 months of the year is already passing us by! It's been ever so quick of a year and I'm turning 22. Within this semester, I've started volunteering at the Werribee Open Range Zoo and I've been loving it so far. I've had my placement built rapport with new people. I'm content with the friendships I have right now. I also decided that for the summer, I will be buying myself a pair of skates which are still in the process as I'm waiting what seems like forever to be rich again. And then of course, I am looking into getting another pet. One that many may be repulsed by but I, myself am more than eager to own but I suppose you'll have to find out with time what that may be. Ahh... There's so much more that has happened but from the top of my head, these are the things I can remember. Oh also, I have the new iPhone. In the biggest size! This device is a monster and within the first month that I've had it, the old iPhone is already starting to feel so small in my hands. Ironic.

Anyway, I know this isn't much of a post but I am now ready to start doing this again and continue committing for The Free Woman as well. I'm sure I'll be doing some more blogging tomorrow.


Blind In The Fog

My last day in Buxton was rather magical if I may say so myself as we woke to an early morning fog. By 7am it was bright outside but with a purely white canvas outside our windows. The fog was so thick, you couldn't see beyond the porch and even the silhouettes of the trees were unnoticeable. There would have been no point in taking pictures of the fog as all you'd have seen was white and I hadn't brought an extra lens with me to play around with as I wasn't expecting the fog to be as opaque as it was. By 9:30 the grass and trees began to appear and the cold was growing evermore so a frolic behind the house was the last thing I felt I had to do before saying goodbye. As the fog cleared, it became easier to take pictures but even so, I noticed that in the past few days my pictures have been rather dark but I have very much liked them that way. I feel they just suit the weather and surroundings perfectly. 

I'm a suburban girl with nothing as green as this for surroundings unless I take daily drives which I do not have the luxury to do so with uni as a priority. If I move out next year however, living cheaply in the east may have its many benefits.
Gumboots: Big W
Dress: Cocolatte
Jumper: Tempt
Stockings: Target


The Sorely Unprepared

The weather today was much more wet and colder than yesterday but all the more fun to get some squishy noises happening on a small walk around the property. I have to say, I kind of feel like it's much warmer down where we are compared to the freezing temperatures up at Lake Mountain. Yes, we did journey up the mountain for a bit of a drive severely unprepared but our ventures weren't without laughter. Whilst everyone was geared up in gloves, waterproof jackets and stacks of toboggans, we arrived in normally thin cotton socks, no gloves and jeans. One of us didn't even bring a coat and "cleverly" improvised with a sleeping bag. The car ride up was exciting as for the most part, it was foggy but the dare to step outside the car felt almost like a risk of life and death with our lack of warmer attire. My fingers would have frozen themselves but a few managed to capture the exhilarating view on Snapchat. I do regret not taking pictures in the fog but I just don't think any of my phalanges would have appreciated that.
Sheinside Coat
Glassons Shirt
Cocolatte Cardigan
Valleygirl Pants
Big W Gumboots 
ASOS Beanie


Forgetful Moments

Although my mid year break has finished, I may have gone on a belated trip to Buxton with my cousin and her friends but only for the weekend. My holiday weakness would probably be packing because inevitably, I end up forgetting at least something once I'm halfway through to my destination. Most of the time it's the really easy things to remember like my toothbrush or extra socks. But this time my cousin reminded me to bring my gumbooties in case it's muddy, snowy and super cold which of course I was more than keen to bring as I haven't had the opportunity to get them dirty this winter. It was them which I had forgotten to pack and so I had bought this pair from Big W for quite a bargain I wasn't expecting. They fit perfectly and I've already stomped a few puddles trying to get pictures for a post. Since I am without a laptop, I've just made do with some easy editing on the iPad and I'm not entirely sure how his will go for me for the rest of the weekend. Speaking of which, it's going to be a long one and I'm quite comfortable finishing off this post after watching Oculus, eating maltesers and enjoying a pint of Renberg. 
Big W Gumboots
Valley Girl Sweater
Scarf from Lincraft
Skirt from Rodeo Drive
Target Stockings
Sheinside Coat