A Month And A Half To Go!

So 13 years is almost coming to an end. I have to sit my exams, attend my graduation and celebrate with my classmates at the school formal. I've started studying which I've been doing with someone really close to me. It's been really good and I've been getting things done too. I'm really hoping that I excel much more in my exams than my previous SAC's in other subjects which may I state, I have almost failed miserably. So far I don't believe these hoidays have gone to waste. I been productive enough with school stuff. More than usual, though I do believe not enough.

I know the time has not yet come to pass but the thought of school finishing is nearing the freedom post in my life. It's an experience I'm really looking forward to. The only fear that I behold is one toward my ATAR. With all honesty, I've never actually had any faith in myself and never actually pushed myself into doing anything especially school so I seriously doubt my ATAR is going to be surprisingly good. That's when i become filled with regret, and then I will most likely turn out to be one of those people who say to themselves "if I had another chance, I would do better in VCE". My donkey's big butt they would.

I know I've rambled on about school before, but I felt like sharing it again. And those that I will miss are my friends, and a few teacher actually, who have made VCE a whole lot easier and have done a great job with disguising the stressful year for me. But of course I will miss my family the most! Music class and everyone in it. Best people ever. And people like Rachael at the top have helped make this year a memorable one. Shame she wouldn't let me take a picture of her lovely face to remember her by hehe. I need to give them presents before they all finish school. And also my english teach/mentor who's been giving me good advice and kick ass grades for english.

Also looking forward to getting my P's at the end of the year wooh!


Amelia Amuso said...

Blue you've but a lot of effort into your VCE, we all have, and your results will show nothing less. You're a smart girl, have a little faith. x

Amelia Amuso said...

put* hahaha, (: .. ugh. fail. *hangs head in shame*

Blue Iris Rivera said...

LOL failure is apart of success. thanks molly