Life In Cliche Mode

I sat down tonight thinking about myself whilst the Rivera family roared in laughter in the kitchen. I kinda knew this quirky side of me and I thought that maybe you should know a little bit about me...

Now for some peculiar reason, I find myself very charmed by the cliche monologues and scenes of romantic cliche movies. I mean, as much as I cringe at corny gestures and roll my eyes at the unmistakable cues of innuendos and the faulty behaviors of individual characters.

There's something about walking into a room filled with flowers, eating a desert to find a surprise of an engagement ring, kissing in the rain, climbing the double story house to sneak in at night, stargazing, finding a bunch of roses on your desk, waking up to a love note on your pillow, canoeing, surprise hugs, basking in the presence of your crush as if they are the only person in the room, swearing on promises (or asking to be turned into a vampire so you can be together 'forever' if your into that stuff. Blerg).

Then after a while, I start growing fond of the guy characters who play are played to be subtle, innocent seducers by using their genuine charm, beautiful eyes and their choice of fashion flare. I'm like my mum in a way, falling in love with the characters and wishing to live in flawless love like that. But that's all silly... Though there's nothing wrong with imagining.

I'm on the mood for a romantic comedy right now or another one of those geeky/nerdy high school teen love movies.

The Moment Everyone Waits For

It's finally hit me that I've completely finished school. That there won't be anymore long or short [depending on how fast I feel like walking] walks in the either too hot or too cold weather. No more uniform to label what type of student I was or what school I came from. No more school friends to see every day of your week to hi to and greet with a kiss. Nor is there a teacher to tell you off for having your phone or iPod out for them to conviscate off you. School life isn't something I won't miss because I've been at it for 13 bloody years. And to add things all up. It was worth it. It was worth finishing and going through tough studies and people complaining at how nervous they are for their exams. I wasn't really that nervous, I never really was stressed about it. Although I had to admit, it was hard for me to go through my second semester of VCE due to the unforgetable experience I had that had hindered me for a couple of weeks learning. To find out that the person I wanted to work better for wouldn't be there, that was my major downfall all year. But somehow by the grace of God I managed to pick myself up again. This better make me stronger.

Of course uni will be the same, with the slight change of transport, friends, classes, corridoors, teachers and the surroundings. I'm so glad that I got into the first preference that I had wanted the whole time. It never really occured to me that it actually does take some amount of had work to get to where I am and where I will be. JMC is the best place that could ever except me so that I could further my growth musically. There is one thing I am slightly confused about though. I asked to get into the Bachelors Degree but I didn't get the ATAR that I wanted so I changed it to an Associate Degree before trying to enroll. Now it's impossible to get into a Bachelor's because I didn't get a high enough score for their pre requisits. But I have been accepted into a Bachelor's Degree. That is incredible and I have no idea how I deserved that. I think the favour of God is upon my mother and I and we've just been so blessed and I promise that I will work very hard at JMC, especially because of the money my parents will have to sacrifice for me to go there every year.

Tumblr Inspiration #1

Love for vintage hats...

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Please Just Stay

Keeping things just the way they are is probably the most difficult thing to maintain. It all looks the same, dull and all, but often I see change taking it's place swiftly. I don't know why but in this stage of my life particularly, I see change all the time. It's a very significant event that I take seriously but yet, I tell no one about.

Don't you find yourself frequently convincing yourself that when time comes, your going to do something about it but your just too arrogant to step up and 'walk your talk'? But you just so happen to slip back in your chair and avoid blaming yourself because it has gone too far yet, you calmly suggest forgetting about it because it'll all be fine once more only to find that something will aggravate your feelings again?

Call me self-centered or whatever but I'm actually heaps too insecure and I don't have much confidence in me letting people into what I truly feel and believe. I guess the reason why you are given change is because it's meant to build a stronger you. But suppose it doesn't make you stronger... Then perhaps this change has made you weaker. The weaker you are, the weaker you look and to shut up is to look stronger, therefore you look stronger and no one will ever know.


Warning! Negative Content

I've only made just a slight adjustment to my blog. It's still the same only, I felt that I may have needed to change things. If I haven't yet told you, I have a new Tumblr account and It's pretty much me posting pictures "and such" completely dedicated to men's and women's fashion. To visit it click here. It's just an extension to my blog and surprisingly enough, I post daily compared to this. I will be keeping my blogger for my writing because that is what I still love to do. Just with less of the hassle to adding pictures which takes much more effort here than Tumblr. But I love them both anyways! I do hope you take a look and follow it too.

Anyways, I wasn't here to ramble on about the two different blogging sites. I just had this thought that has been tickling my brain and if you knew the answer I think it would help me so much with this confusion that I'm going through.

I don't like to dwell much on the subject but I really just wanted to talk about sin. We all know what sin is, what we aren't to do as human beings that may be counter to what God wants for us. Sin is sin, but I've never seen it as "really bad" sin and "not so bad" sin. I haven't been snooping but I surely have been noticing people who intend to rebel or be idiots and whatnot for their sakes. I don't know if it has to do with the mindset of "living life to the fullest". I mean I certainly don't have anything wrong with that, I too want to live my life to the fullest by fulfilling my greatest dreams that reach the moon and back. But to some I think they have put it into the wrong context. I think that now, people have become so focused on the inaccuracies and inconsistencies of the scriptures. Trying to find that slightly small loophole where they can bring upon great influences and consequences whilst getting away with it ever so easily.

I can't say I haven't sinned before, I have and I bet you my biggest dollar that I will, because I'm only human. But should "being human" be our excuse for our faults that we can avoid? I don't think so. If we were given strength to do something, I think that it is useless for you to do something wrong and say that you "tried". Trying is just a word. No one can see you try. It just fills the gaps to make everyone feel better. But you know what people can see? They can see you walking the talk. Don't say "try", because that's no excuse. Say "do" or else you wouldn't of been given strength in the first place.

Am I a hypocrite for pointing out the imperfections of others? Because I sin, and for one sin all the same. There is no greater sin, or no smaller sin. It's sin, all the same demerits come with it. I guess what I'm trying to say is that people should hit the pause button and look around. Look at yourselves and start your judgment from there. Then you can do the point at others only if they're different from you.


Wow Oh Wow

So everyone's been very eager and patient to find out their offers for Uni this year. Fortunately I already knew I had gotten into JMC but the true feelings for this started coming to me as soon as I read my letter on the VTAC site! Although I had already been notified of my acceptance earlier, I couldn't helpbut feel excited and extremely overwhemled at the news. It's official and it's in writing. You have no idea how happy I am right now to have been accepted to my first prefrence and not needing to wait for offers from other institutes that I don't really care about anyway.

I'm out with Ink tomorrow but I will be blogging in the evening so see you then!


It Doesn't Seem To Fit

Don't give me the "that's what she said" jokes.

You know what annoys me the most? Is that as soon as I finish a roll of film that I would like to develop, there never is a place locally that can do it. I just don't get it. Manual camera's are in fact, the highest in demand in the indie markets and in just that area is incredibly huge. So I don't understand why our most loved camera stores or laboratories won't start realizing how much money they could make with this and start building themselves new labs that could be in reach from anyone. I don't mind travelling to get them done, but now it even seems to take days for companies to develope one roll of film for me. If it was within walking distance, I couldn't care less because obviously it is less the effort. Please don't think I'm lazy, but having to travel to get my film at a lab then travelling to collect them another day isn't what I have in mind to waste a couple of hours during my days. Also, one more thing to rant about is the variety of film I can find. Actaully, I can't find any. What ever happened to going to the supermarket to buy film? I'm tired. My thoughts are probably just imprudent...