In Mind

Our church is once again hosting our annual women's conference called the 'Adore Conference' and I'm absolutely stoked for the preachers that are lined up for this year. Mother had already paid for our tickets at the last Adore Conference so all we're doing is counting down. My best friend will be coming along this year too. I defiantly missed her last year. I believe that it was 3 years ago that my Mother and I had decided to sponsor a child together with Compassion. She is a gorgeous little girl and her name is Myra. Since then, Mother has added an extra child to sponsor and he is from Ethiopia. His name is Habtamu. Our family prays for them every day, that God will continue to flourish in their lives. It's truly amazing how much us women can really make a difference in another person's life. 

That's what the conference is about. Equipping the women of God so that when she is released back into the world, to her family and friends, she will be the light with the ambition of impacting the lives of many so that they may become influenced to be the same and reflect the blessings given to them, to others. I think there's something about a room filled with women that is inspiring as each one of us gather to connect and create partnership whilst helping new friends along the way.

The first night of the 2 day conference is very formal, where all the women dress up very-lady like and put make up on. It's a beautiful sight really. Seeing women dress up because each and every individual is just so stunning in their own way. My favourite part of that night is probably when the men dress up in tuxedos and a stainless, white apron to cater to the women. It's beautiful really. I'm really hoping to conjure up an outfit like this to wear to the opening night. It's kinds of inspired by Alexa Chung's famous  little-girl look. Although, I've always loved that look. Plus, it includes the shade of beige that I'm truly admiring at the moment.

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