Good Friday Morning Innit?

It may seem that I'm starting to forget about my blog but it's not that at all. You have no idea how much i would love to everyday. I just get real caught up with school in the early morning to school work at during the late hours of night. But anyways, that doesn't matter.

Easter is coming this weekend! And the reason why I'm writing an entry is because I will be packing m bags tonight for a weekend trip to Sydney. I'm way too excited about this trip that i had still not packed my clothes. Though I think that won't be too hard since I'm only going to be gone for 3 and a half days. But I won't be "gone" gone from here. I will actually be taking my laptop with me so I can put up daily posts on the fabulous view I heard there is there, the structures and maybe outfit posts since I'll be with my parents and it's quite embarrassing to pose in front of them as they are Filipinos who are incredibly loud, therefore finding the attention which we don't need.

We're planning to go up Blue Mountains because apparently there's a lot to do up there during the day for family activities. Then I definitely have to head down to Bondi Beach just so I can officially say that I have been to Bondi. Except people probably won't care. It's a short holiday and we won't be spending much because really, it's just to relax. And because it's a birthday present to both my mother and dad. 

I think we'll be checking out the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and no doubt I will see my dad shuffling us over, making sure our faces are happy and all just so we could take pictures. It'll all be great fun even though I said I wouldn't go on holiday with my parents ever again. 

Hopefully I'll have time to blog before or just when we arrive and settle down with maybe a couple of pictures of the amazing view.

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