Sam, You Have No Soul

So here's an explanation for my absence for the last few weeks. I pretty kept my "life" locked up inside my room as I watched all seasons of Supernatural. There's 22 episodes in each season and each episode runs for about 42 minutes each so you can only imagine how much of my time was wasted watching at least 6 episodes a day. I'm not going to lie though, I knew the consequences of focusing on a fictional television show yet, I couldn't helped being hooked. 
 Sam and Dean Winchester lead some kick-ass life fighting demons and mythical creatures which of course we all know don't exist. I used to like Sam more, but now I just can't get enough of both Sam and Dean. They've changed so much since first season that I can't even take my eyes off my laptop to have a look at the steamy scenes...
But anyways, sorry and I hope you understand why I put blogging to a halt. I'll be back tonight.

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