Dissect One And Put Mascara On The Other


During the week that had just past, Pinky brought over some of his baby bunnies, his brother and an Australian feel good film. I wouldn't say that The Rage In Placid Lake was scantily made but I guess it almost had the same qualities as Napoleon Dynamite. I'm not going to review the whole storyline, I'm just going to focus on the main characters of the movie in a short paragraph. Placid Lake whom by the way has THE most ridiculous name in the world had never really lived a normal life; unique in his own way and always breaching the line, until he joins an insurance company and embarks on a journey to a "normal life". Placid and his bestfriend Gemma Taylor have had a peculiar relationship together and Placid soon realises he wants to pursue a proper relationship with her. Placid and Gemma are such a quirky couple; Placid being open-minded and having brilliant ideas - the nerd who constantly gets battered for being different and Gemma who is the smartest of the duo, only ever being exposed to the interests of her father who influences her decision to become a scientist.


One more thing that I wanted to make note of is Rose Byrne's [Gemma Taylor] wardrobe for the set of The Rage In Placid Lake. I didn't have much luck finding pictures of the movie which had a full body view of what she wears. But The cute vintage cut of her clothes are just adorable. In the second picture with the white blouse, she wears coral shorts and she pulls off the look so well. In the picture above, Rose's dress reminds me of Shop Ruche's Paint The Roses Blue Dress though in blue. There's something about floral print that attracts me, especially when it comes to cute pastel coloured dresses.
In my last picture Rose wears a checkered smock which is simply alluring. The vintage style that I don't believe would ever grow old in any pattern you would wish to choose.



InkarriFlores said...

Sorry to say but this movie totally steps all over N.D. better humour too.

Blue Iris Rivera said...

heh same thing. but it was a good movie likewise

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