Jeric's El Grande Party

As impatient of a person that I can be, I've no patience on waiting for this Wednesday to arrive for me to post these pictures from my best friend's notorious 18th birthday party. It seemed an appropriate date as that is of course his actual birthday. I guess my second part to my birthday wishes shall be revealed here. It was an awesome night and to be honest, one of the greatest nights I've had. Although this particularly important evening had it's ups and downs but there was plenty of fun to pass around to forget about it. I liked seeing everyone dress up for the occassion. His school friends, ex-workmates, and church friends were all invited and it was great to see long lost twins reunited for the first time in their lives.
Unfortunately, some improper behaviour had been exposed by few from people that you would never expect. It was a little disappointing and very irritating as our concerned parents began to rant about few events which should not be named had happened. To my dear Jeric, I am terribly sorry for the unsuitable behaviour which some may have decided to act during your party, but let me remind you of all the other friends who listened intentively and respected your wishes as you so politely asked of us.
Despite all the mishaps, it was an awesome night...of course until the end where I became tired and almost sick from "partying hard" and seeing things rubbed into my face like I didn't matter anymore. But 5 hours of sleep did me some good. Thank goodness for night times.


As another birthday present for my dearest, my best friend, Jay and I sang a song for him to show how much he meant to us. I find it cute and charming that Jay decided to use my ukulele as his instrument of choice for our performance. Sadly, some people couldn't hear me because the microphone was too weak to hear, but it was alright because apparently Jeric could he me quite clearly. Thank you so much for having us, and you are just a huge blessing to our families. There would not be any LOL moments in our lives and so I thank God for you.


(Trust father to take horrible photos and show off his incredibly bad photo editing skills! Now rediting them seems impossible)


Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I love the idea of the cupcake with the polaroid picture!!! How did that come about?

jeric said...

Hey love : nice sexy legs!!! Lol

Amelia Amuso said...

Sounded like a good night Blue! You look so amazing! I love your shoes!

Blue Iris Rivera said...

sank yo molly

InkarriFlores said...

Was a nice cake.