The New Love of The New Year

It's New Years Eve and I was thinking of trying to make these delicate sweets that I've adored all year long. Most people come to Typo to search for favourable notebooks and stationary they would possibly come in handy. As much as their merchandise is dominated with charming, quirky items, I on the other hand won't find much use of them since I acquire some at home with often many blank pages which would most likely take a while to satisfy each page. I often find myself lurking into the hallow corners of the store and searching for printed books that I mostly take interest in.
This lovely recipe book I picked out finally teaches me how to make all sorts of flavoursome Macarons. It's filled with delicious illustrations and photographs on step by step instructions and ingredients for making the perfect macaron. I'm starting today but in the meanwhile, my eggs are still thawing and I am still yet to purchase extra ingredients that I don't think occupy the pantry or fridge.

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