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Interview Attire: How Quirky is Too Quirky? 
If you’re planning your outfit for your next big interview, you may be wondering how to balance your personal style with professionalism. It’s good to express a bit of who you are at an interview without overwhelming your potential employer. Also keep in mind that your limitations may depend on the type of job you’re shooting for. An artsy position may give you a little more leeway than an admin position. Here are a couple of tips to stylize and minimize simultaneously: 
  1. Use Bright Colors to Accessorize  

Professionalism is generally associated with subdued colors like gray, khaki, and black. Consider using these colors for the foundation of your outfit. For example, try a gray pantsuit with a solid black shirt underneath the jacket. If you want to add color, consider wearing a unique bracelet or subtle yet colorful necklace. As you can imagine, a red bracelet will be less startling to employers than a flaming red blazer.  

  1. Think Timeless, Not Trendy 

Those clunky, lime green wedges you just bought may look great with the right outfit, but field testing them in an interview is probably not your best bet. If you want to look up-to-date but still streamline, try a mustard heel or burgundy flat. Regarding jewelry, keep it individualized to your taste but keep it small. Enormous beads and bangles hanging off your neck may give your interviewer the impression that you are too “out there” for the position.  

  1. Consider Shape, Fit, and Modesty 

A long, flowing skirt may be the perfect choice for a day at the park, but in an interview, you’ll want to opt for something a little more form-fitting. Showing off your shape a little is good, but make sure your clothing is not too tight or showy. You want to appear confident, but not revealing or indecent. If you’re looking for one word to sum up how you should dress for an entire, keep the word “subtle” in mind. Think Go-getter, not Lady Gaga.  
Remember that in an interview, confidence and self-assurance are essential. Plan your outfit wisely and dress to impress! 
Author’s Bio: Lisa is a guest writer who loves fashion and beauty blogs. She’s also keen on Brooklyn storage and minimalism.

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