Annual Festivities

Every year, Caroline Springs hosts their annual summer festival for people all over town and other suburbs come to visit in this sort-of festive event. Once again, just like every year, met up with a couple of friends and had the traditional routine of a McDonalds run, catch up and then off to some booths to check out what's free. Ending the night with rides and fireworks. I must say, the fireworks may have been somewhat inferior to last year's display, but surely it kept me staring. I can never help myself. 
The quality of the photos may be terrible but let me justify myself by saying that all you can really bring to a festival is your phone, or in my case, my iPhone. Unless I was willing to carry a massive extra bag around, I think I'll go as compact as possible. Plus, iPhones don't do such a swell job in such dark conditions anyways. 

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