The Little Prince

"But if you tame me,
then we shall need each other.
To me, you will be unique
in all the world.
To you, I shall be unique 
in all the world."
-  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I have two copies of this book. One being the original and the other with the signature penguin cover. They were both specifically bought as birthday presents for me for two different ages. They were also both bought by two of my Tita's in my church that have continued to bless my family as I grew up. Though I couldn't understand much of the book when it was first gifted to me in primary school, the essence of the story had never changed unlike myself when I re-read it again during my last few high-school years. It spoke deeply of narrow-mindedness, innocence, responsibility, exploration and spiritual fulfilment -all accompanied by illustrations throughout the book. It's a wonderful read even though it took me various times to understand. 
I feel as if there is never a better time to visit Pipemakers and take a few snaps with Peter. In fact, just a few metres away from the tree that we usually sit under is a bench that we rested our belongings and a bicycle saloon which was open. It felt slightly strange having someone that close watch us take pictures yet, I didn't mind at all. Just a glint of a smile or two every time I caught the man taking a quick glance in our direction. And may I say, my man is looking more than mighty fine.
Shoes: ASOS// Dress: Duchess// Cardigan: Cocolatte

Quirky Circus S'13


Preference Matters -or so they say

I've since found it rather odd that whilst I'm applying for work in different places that I stumbled upon one where I'd have to take a picture of myself with how I look if I were to represent their company. I know there are some resumes that require head shots but aren't those usually for acting agencies? Head shot or not, I found myself feeling a little self-conscious at the thought of people judging the way I look and how I dress in a photograph as a means to predict whether I'd be good at the position. I completely understand that representation is very important to companies and I guess that a resume would back you up as well, but there's something so chilling about being chosen due to preferential look/status.
Overalls: Topshop// Top: Cotton On// Shoes: Lipstik


Photo Scans

I tried to scan the two images that Peter gave me from a roll he recently developed. I took this one right under the gloomy-looking tree on turf. He likes the bokeh.

Just A Home

When it comes to colour schemes and DIY or pretty pictures and house decor, one of the first things that come to mind is A Beautiful Mess. One of my all time favourite inspirational blogs for things around the home. Emma and Elsie have plenty of step by step tutorials that make moving out seem like one of the most exciting life events to experience. I've been reading their blog for a couple of years and the thought of being able to decorate a house of my own would be a rather interesting, exciting and not to mention an expensive chapter of my life which in some ways is still rather appealing. 
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