The Little Quirks' blog layout has changed once again. This is probably something I do every few years because I tend to get an itch to change things up a little. What do you guys think?
Thinking back on how my past preferences for this blog has been, I feel like different phases have quickly passed me by. I remember having little to no knowledge of HTML and sticking to the classical templates with a tri-colour palette.

I'm not saying that I'm fluent at it now, but the basics really help with navigating through the changes. I don't think I've ever stuck to a certain colour or theme and you might think I lack consistency, but I'll argue that they are a reflection of phases I have gone through and are still very much a part of how my blog is what it is today. This time, I've tried to stick to something a little more minimalistic and I'm quite liking it. I couldn't keep it too boring though so the background suits me and the neutral palette is complimentary with anything that I want to post without some material looking out of place. 

I've also kept in mind that I'd had an 'About Me' section for two years that has never been worked on so I must rectify this issue by next week and be a little more professional during this progressive period. I'm thinking of writing my short stories again and I'm brainstorming more posts that I'd like to do and work on this year. I may be considering buying props and such to help my content and I'm thinking of advertising sponsorship sometime soon as it does become difficult to post with good quality all the time - and this contributes to my random bouts of silence for weeks. There's so much stuff I want to do and I'm really going to try and push myself as long as my camera is with me. My blog is changing and so am I and I really want The Little Quirks to reflect the organised mess that my life is (whether that's a good or bad thing, I'm not sure). This is going to be a personal style/lifestyle blog and I have made up my mind about it after years of contemplating which category it fits in. 

Along with all that I wish to do, I want to cut my fringe. I've achieved growing it out but not it's time to cut it back.

Jumper hand knitted by Peter's mama//Topshop overalls (similar)//Princess Highway socks (They were sale stock so no links)


Izzy Bea said...

Change is always good for a blog. It should be a true reflection of you. And yours is beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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