It's a busy week for me especially for my first day of uni for the trimester and it will only be as busy until my family and I leave for the Philippines this Friday.
After last year's units, I think I've figured how I'll be staying organised this year. While you might think I'd be going overboard with a calander, extra timetable, diary and weekly planner, from what I've learned last year, things like this seem to help with getting very important things like oh, I don't know... assignments done and handed in on time.
This week is week one of uni and by Friday I would be flying to my home country and so it's been a whirlwind of errands to do until then. My first day consisted of waking up to catch the sunrise after downloading the Magic Hour app on my phone last week. But unfortunately, the light revealed the thick layer of clouds in the sky. The whether wasn't so bad though. It wasn't cold and the opportunity was there for another outfit post. I do like getting into this good habit of waking up. It makes the thought of waking up for uni more bearable. Shortly afterwards I made my way to Chapel street to exchange a skirt I had bought which was in the wrong size. I know my size. I know I fit a size small. And when I bought the skirt, I thought I had taken the size small off the shelf but to my surprise, when I got home it wouldn't fit because I somehow bought the extra small size. Apparently they don't do exchanges for sale items so sadly, I left without any sort of gain. Plus, I walked almost all the way up and down Chapel before stores opened at 10am. That was a long walk on my own.
Thankfully I made it to uni way before my first lecture and I caught up with a friend and her friend. As usual, it was an introductory lecture and straight afterwards we all had to somehow trek to Colleges and sweat our professionalism off before we reach them. We sat in a seminar about the College and what will happen when us uni students get paired up with their students. Honestly, I was no longer listening at this point after all the walking I had done. The adventure back home was so much easier and so I dropped my friend home and her suburb she currently resides in at the moment is beautiful. It's community orientated and there's big wildlife conservation for local animals that also call that place home, and so that was a huuuuuge thumbs up for me. She should have me over sometimes just so I can take pictures.

Lastly, I had pizza night when I got home with some friends and it was good. It was a great excuse to have them over and fatten ourselves up with some traditional bonding food. It was a great day. It was a busy day. I had also managed to fit in some washing in there somehow. So it was a busy first day back but after all that, wouldn't you be really tired? I sure was.
Dangerfield top/Dangerfield skirt/Cocolatte cardigan (different colour)/Red bag (similar)/London rebel flats


Linda said...

Beautiful photos, and such a lovely outfit.

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