"The forest was too deep and the hills were too steep. And since there were no houses there, no one thought to build a road. And without roads and houses, the place just sort of stayed that way: empty of people. 
The place, over time, just became more overgrown and more inhospitable. And so... it was named the Impassible Wilderness and everyone knew to steer clear"  - Colin Meloy, Wildwood.

I had an interesting morning having to wake up early and visit the observation plains to watch international and domestic planes begin to land only 300m above me (or so it seemed). What a view it was to see all sorts of people, some in their pyjamas, business attire, tradies, seniors all grouped together and coffee vendors available for people as they observe the show. As I watched, it became difficult to peel my eyes away from the pages of Wildwood which might be one of the cutest books I'll ever get to purchase this year. Books targeted at my age aren't always so appealing, you know. I like myself a little bit of adventure and fantasy. Wildwood is filled with spoken truths of the wilderness and the creatures you would dare not meet with if you were smart enough to avoid. Accompanying the storyline are pages and pages of arbitrary illustrations that make this Narnia-like world of danger and curiosity so relatable in an unrealistic sense. 

When I was much younger at primary school age, I remember enjoying role-playing pretend adventures with the other children who lived in the flats which we lived in at the time. We had a tiny tree we called a treehouse and a soggy couch which we called our home. We assigned one of the boys to be an old troll, although I don't think he enjoyed it that much since all we did was run away from him most of the time. The lawn in front of the flats was only ankle deep but we pretended they had extended to just above our waistlines, crouching as we stalked each other around. It was fun. It was imaginative and I sometimes wish I could still think like that without being made fun of for the childish thought that it is. Nowadays, I find comfort in those thoughts when I come back to places like this where I can continue to read my book, relax and live vicariously through each page as if I was just another character.
Dangerfield dress/Cocolatte cardigan/ Sportsgirl sunnies (similar)/London Rebel flats/Wildwood by Colin Meloy/Thrifted bag


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