New Zealand Day 2

It's been a pretty relaxing day. It was one of those days where you usually stay at home, doing "nothing really". As soon as we all had breakfast, Ink, Kusi and I were taken to a knitting club to have a look at some of the things that these talented old ladies had made during the year to send out to Russia for the needy kids in that country. It was a warm and cozy house and all the women were very welcoming. On display there were hat, scarves, mittens,jerseys,cot blankets and baby singlets that were all hand knitted by these lovely ladies. Ink's grandma keeps telling us "it's only very little that we can do" and this is where I find myself disagreeing. People donate wool to them so that they may consume their time during the year by knitting all these small things so that children can be warm and feel like they are needed, loved and that they are special. So, this is isn't "something small", they are giving their heart and love to these children in amounts that are countless and we ought to reallly congratulate these ladies (and the men who didn't show up today) for helping change the lives of others. I'm also quite baffled that the old men can also knit. Inks grandpa knitted their Aunty her knitted ball gown when she graduated from college. He also knit his wife a colourful vest that's very worn out. She says she cannot bare to throw it out.

Since we completely sucked at the 1000 piece puzzle of the golden gate bridge that we attempted to finish yesterday, we gave up and packed it away. Ink took out another 750 piece puzzle, assuming that we would all finish this one since it's "easier" I suppose. Haven't finished that one either.

Most of the day was dedicated to lots of resting and watching. Yes, watching the great adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester. We've almost finished Season 2 and hopefully Season 3 will be lined up for the night!

Julie's flight has been delayed so Ink's grandad will be up till 2 or 3am since Julie will be arriving at about 1:30am which is a real pain.

Well, I'm off. It was just a quick short entry anyways. I must join the rest of the clan to watch some more Supernatural. Food today was, as usual, delicious and very fulfilling. And I believe it's the food that's making all us kids gassy. Tomorrow is an early morning wake-up call to walk to town with Ink. Hopefully digesting or losing some calories along the way.

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