New Zealand Day 3

Waking up to the cold is inevitable here at the moment as it approached me in the bed, making me feel uncomfortable as I don't like to be. Today seemed to be boring but it really wasn't. Ink and I woke up and had breakfast with everyone and quickly got dressed for our "adventurous" walk to the town. Kusi got dress to go for a jog around the oval and Mateo just stayed in bed for a couple of hours, playing a game which seems never ending. It's good to know that Kusi wants to keep exercising because it'll help her keep positive about her body and I'm really glad she's thinking of doing gymnastics again to help with her fitness and also as a sport alongside of school, just like Ink and Mateo.

Walking to town was a fairly long way but once you got there, walking felt like a sinch. Visited an opp shop and first and then a shoes shop. A couple more little shops along the way and a familiar store, Toyworld. I went to the grocery store to buy a toothbrush, shavers and a treat for everyone.  Then Ink and I walked back to Toyworld to have a look at the kites that they had there and I just so happened to come across a game that I've always wanted. Boggle. It's a word game thats better than Scrabble pretty much. Much more challenging and you'll never get bored of the same words as it often changes after 3 minutes. This whole afternoon was dedicated to some homework, finishing off the puzzle of boats that we are still YET to finish, and playing Boggle. I'm glad that even Mateo's enjoying this game. We have been occupying ourselves which is good so we don't all get bored of doing nothing.

Before I forget, Ink and I walked into a sport shop in town and we saw so much that's illegal to have/purchase in Australia unless you have a lisence or you'll end up with an unfriendly letter, noting a fine under your name. I saw AND touched air rifles, saw BB guns, had a look at sling-shots, checked out a gun silencer. All in the name of sport. Hunting, I suppose they call it. Rabbits and squirrels. We walked into an actual fishing and hunting shop thereafter and found more rifles. These one were more classy. Really cheap, and there was no license needed to purchase one. They were about $300 to $1000 per gun and the bullets were sold up at the front counter! I wouldn't mind learning how to hunt. I cn be just like Sam and Dean! Just kidding. There are no such things as zombies, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters or just FBI who are after me for anything I've done.

In an hour or so, we're all meeting up with each other to snuggle on mine and Kusi's bed to watch Supernatural. This time, Julie's more than welcome to join us seeing as she's here with us... finally. It seems as though once we have parents around, it's the same family quarrels that are brought with us, instead of being left at home. Family is funny that way I guess.

I also forgot to tell you that WE SURVIVED AN EARTHHQUAKE! Wooh! It was slight and minor. Cha Cha says that one was just a normal one that always occurs here and isn't fatal. Actually, I didn't feel it and I'm very cross with myself because the moment I decide to put my feet in the air to stretch is when the ground slightly shook! So I felt nothing. Ink didn't realize it was an earthquake either. He thought he was the one who shook the table. It was a pretty awesome moment. We were amidst completeing the Golden Gate Bridge puzzle at the time.

Tomorrow, we're all going to church and having a nice lunch out (which is very odd considering we have been fed, constantly at home). Can't wait.

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