Over "The Ditch"

...That's where I'll be heading in approximately 7 and a half hours. Oh right, over the ditch. I mean from Melbourne to Christchurch, New Zealand. I am very much so excited for this 2 week holiday! But it goes without consequences as I will be missing out on one of my really good friend's birthday party whilst I'm over in the land of cold and frost. It'll be a good two short or long weeks of holidaying with Ink's family. I finally get to meet the rest of his family in NZ which will be such a pleasure. Apparently I'm only allowed to pack 10kg into my "luggage" and right now, I'm finding that so difficult. I have too many clothes to pick, all of which are dresses. I have other shoes to pack, incase we come across a good occasion to wear them. I also have to pack make-up and apparently i wont be needing to bring toiletries as I can buy all those resources in NZ instead.

Mother was meant to work today but I begged her not to go because she wouldn't be home in time to say goodbye to me. So she's filling out forms and helping me pack. Wooh! Couldn't be anymore blessed. I also just recently found out that one of my rats is very ill and I'm hoping that after my two weeks, I'll find her to still be alive and very much healthy. I'm such a sucker for missing people and pets. So as much as my parents and fat animals are annoying, I'll be missing them heaps. I think this is a result to the fact that I'm an only child. I don't really know. 

I don't exactly know the plans that we have as of yet once we land there. But I've been told it'll be something like this; snow, rain, gumboots, snowboarding, paint-balling and well, you pretty much get the picture of how the weather will be treating us when we arrive. The boy is in the city right now with his Mexican friend whom I won't mention their name. Having some goodbye time since he'll be leaving at the end of the week to return to his home country. Pretty sad actually, considering he's the few of his friends that I (believe it or not)  like. I'm definitely bringing my Fuji camera with me but i have no idea where my third cartridge pack is because I'm pretty sure I have 3 packs of instant film left. I'm also quite forgetful about the small things when leaving the house so i have a bad feeling that I'll be forgetting something really important like I don't know... my PASSPORT!

Anyways, I'm off to do more cleaning and packing.

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