Project II [50s Dress]

It's probably been a year since I've posted one of these projects of mine and within that time frame I believe I've had many I haven't documented. It's official that I am now on Christmas holidays [although I have been for a week now] which means that  I could quite possibly have more time to be crafty and blog, unless of course I am somewhat invited to do other productive activities with friends.

This is Mother. She was invited to a family friend's wedding which was actually more like a 'renewal of vowels' and it was 50s themed. I was quite excited for this since 50s is probably my favourite era and if I were to pick when I was born, it was be late 30s to early 40s just so I could enjoy my youth in the 50s. My mum isn't one to allow people to touch her as much but when she consented me to do her hair and make-up, I was completely over-joyed but I also promised i'd keep it as simple as possible. I also made the dress for her even though she'll only ever wear it once. I'll probably end up resizing it later so that wit would fit me.

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