Day Of Sun And Dark Clouds

I'll admit it's poor form for me to be posting things days late. But the company I usually have is prioritised higher in most regards. Eventually they make their way up anyway. Spring has outshone itself to every previous one we've had. Just a couple of days ahead too actually (besides the ridiculous downpour last night which made driving such a terrible task). We were blessed with a happy sun and gentle breeze, clear water and a Sampson to tag along. He wasn't much of a hassle as I thought he would be. By the time we reached the little island, he managed to learn how to walk on the leash willingly at his own pace. It was a rather beautiful experience to sit and bask in the deep blue colour of the water and the view of the city while the breeze whisked through our hair. We had our lunch which Peter so kindly prepared -including Sampson's drumstick he enjoyed very little of and was preoccupied playing and scratching at cameras and things. Let me also tell you a story of his little drumstick we tried to feed him at the beach. I placed it a couple of feet away from where Peter and I were sitting so he could eat peacefully without us disturbing him as he usually does at home anyway. He decided to drag it closer to us until he reached in-between us and placed his drumstick right there. He gnawed at it a few times but left it there for safe keeping. 

Once it was time to return, water levels rose and there was a tincy struggle as we headed back but it was nothing too bad. Day's like this never seem like they could get any better.

 Dress: MIM//Cardigan: Cocolatte//Headband: Target

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