Winning Streaks Don't Come With Picky

*Sits beside Pooch as she frantically twitches in her sleep*

The warmer days are fast approaching, with of course the exception of living in Melbourne which means, warm weather with be followed by darker days of cold and perhaps rain. Since my other half has scheduled a few things for his day, my best friend is still at placement and my mamabird doesn't seem at all that interested in straying from the PC screen as she studies too hard for her OET test before she too begins placement, I've decided it's best to stay at home and be accompanied by the little critters roaming around the backyard. Of course as the day progresses, the more lack of motivation to do anything becomes a persistent battle and I would of course, find myself dwelling in my current TV shows (catching up with all their drama). On days like this, my typical routine is to join the mamabird for breakfast, feed the animals, watch a few shows and then screen-shop... y'know, imaginary shopping, like pretending you can buy all the things you want online so you add them to your basket only to close the site empty-handed. 

If I may say so myself, I horribly over-think the things that I want to add to my sort-of-dress-abundant wardrobe and eventually, don't buy it because wanting something consumes my brain too much that I begin to lose interest. I spend weeks in the contemplation process before buying anything and that is why I don't shop often. But when I do, I don't care about the price because I know it would get many wears before it becomes un-mendable. For example, the Vinyl Fantasy Dress from Modcloth. It took me weeks until I decided I'd definitely want to add that as my own. A few purchase complications later and I gave up, thinking it's just not time for that yet so I will soon. And where did that get me? Empty-handed once more as this pretty piece is already running out or at least has only one left and not even in my size! Let the angry typing being. AGFHKFLSIDSADK! But there is no doubt, I'd find another treasure piece in their shop.

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