Difference Makers (A Timelapse)

This all-inspiring video popped up a couple of weeks ago an I am in absolute awe with the people who were a part of this project (if I may call it that). 

It occurred to me that it really doesn't matter how much of yourself you give, whether it be a little or a lot, your little can be their new world. Donating, helping change people and saving lives comes at no cost but the investment of care, love and support. I don't believe in the online memes about people giving up on humanity because why should we? To tell you the truth, there are hundreds, if not, millions of people who are a part of difference making and we don't give them enough credit for whoever they may be. There's a spiritual movement that we don't notice even exists because it's something that humanity was always created for. To lend a hand, to be an influence and to save lives. I think it's important to pause in the midst of the never-ending tragedies around us and to remember that as humans we can only do so much as we support and help different causes. But as we seek the grace of God, impossibilities become possibilities, hardships become easier and miracles overflow and this is when we should begin to realise as a global community that though we give a little, the lot that blossoms is a God thing and it's an awesome thing. As small human beings in a massive universe, we were always born to be the difference no matter what cause we are investing our hearts into. 

I say do what you can or what your heart wants to do. 

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