Night Markets

I've never considered summer to ever be my favourite season, which it isn't but I can't help but feel like this summer could be that one exception. All the things I never enjoyed at all  seem to take place during the summer months anyway. There's the beach, which I always thought was cold whether or not someone said "the water's really warm today" because it wasn't. Unlike winter, summer requires less clothing but even so, you can never have less enough until you're totally naked in which case, it would still probably be scorching hot. One hype I never caught up to last summer though is the markets which are held in the evenings. I'm mostly in it for the assortment of food and also the curly potatoes. In trade of better weather, Peter and I went to the Noodle Night Market tonight for some spicy food and though the weather was sour, we met a frenchie named Leeroy. I have a thing for frenchies.

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