Blind In The Fog

My last day in Buxton was rather magical if I may say so myself as we woke to an early morning fog. By 7am it was bright outside but with a purely white canvas outside our windows. The fog was so thick, you couldn't see beyond the porch and even the silhouettes of the trees were unnoticeable. There would have been no point in taking pictures of the fog as all you'd have seen was white and I hadn't brought an extra lens with me to play around with as I wasn't expecting the fog to be as opaque as it was. By 9:30 the grass and trees began to appear and the cold was growing evermore so a frolic behind the house was the last thing I felt I had to do before saying goodbye. As the fog cleared, it became easier to take pictures but even so, I noticed that in the past few days my pictures have been rather dark but I have very much liked them that way. I feel they just suit the weather and surroundings perfectly. 

I'm a suburban girl with nothing as green as this for surroundings unless I take daily drives which I do not have the luxury to do so with uni as a priority. If I move out next year however, living cheaply in the east may have its many benefits.
Gumboots: Big W
Dress: Cocolatte
Jumper: Tempt
Stockings: Target

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