I Can Be Proud

It's been longer than a week now and I have neglected to post some of these. It was for an assignment and I only used the picture above but there were three I really did like. I was to manipulate an image, creating one dark and moody, then a bright and sunny version of the same photo. I have a print of the image above and to be honest, it's very much not what I would prefer when taking pictures for my blog. As you can tell, these are a much warmer than what I would have usually made my images and darker. Also, the editing process for this is so much more time consuming so I like having my settings set on the camera so once I upload them, there would be no need for me to edit. Though that may occur once or twice. I was hoping to get these done around 6 in the evening and I can assure you that it was nice and warm during that time however, the clouds caved in quickly and so my pictures turned out much bluer than normal. As much as I'd prefer not having to edit and I wish we didn't need to darken our images for the assignment, I'm surprised at how okay they were and that they had turned out not so badly.


Makayla Rose said...

What do you use to edit! They look great!
Would love if you’d take a look at my blog! roseylittleme.blogspot.com

Isabella Jessica said...

Hi there!

Cool photos you captured <3 Just letting you know I nominated you in an award http://www.isabellejessey.com/2014/04/liebster-blog-award.html . You might want to check it out :)