Remington Hot Rollers

I feel rather strange coming back to do a quick review on something I've had for almost a month now. Although I haven't exactly got anything I've come 'back from', I still haven't been here to post in a while. Mind you, it's also been over a month since uni has started and learning to organise myself around that has been quite the task but that is of course for another post about uni. 
So I got my hands on the Remington Silk Ceramic hot rollers from Myer ($67.95) which came with individual clips. What drove me to want to have my own? Well, I'm still trying to figure that out myself. I had a conversation with my mamabird about how rollers will remind me of my late Tita Ella as she always had them in her hair. Just the plastic ones. She had short hair and her rollers came in different colours and skinny sizes. And so I know this was a super retro idea, but yes, that was partially why I thought about it and also because I'm trying to grow my hair out so I've been wanting to play around with some more vintage hair dos. There were a couple I had in mind to purchase but it was not until I saw this particular set on a few online reviews that I only wanted just that. There was another Remington one I was considering as it was within the budget I was looking for since my hair straightener/curlers (when being replaced every 4 or 5 years) usually cost around $40, but right next to it, VS Sasoon had a prettier box that came with velvet rollers, clips and a retractable cord. I figured that I should purchase the one with velvet since I thought that would be better for grip with mildly short hair but I chose my Remington set because each roller came with its own clip whereas the Vidal Sasoon one comes with a few super clips and then the rest are wire ones which I wasn't keen on. However, they still looked like a rather beautiful set and I have heard some great reviews on them. 
Now, trying these out first was quite tricky. It didn't look messy but it did take me a while to place them and my fingers felt tender by the end. I'm still getting used to it and as far as time goes, it really only takes me 10 minutes or so to put them in which is just an absolute blessing when it comes to getting dressed and preparing my face. I don't actually use it for curls but for soft vintage waves and so I usually just brush my hair out completely with a paddle brush after taking them out. I do apologise for the lack of images I could have shown you but I suppose those will go up soon. 

I also bought this set because with other sets, the rollers stand upright but I thought my ones just look so pretty lying on their sides with their clips attached. I do like the clips. I wish they had teeth, but they warm up along with the curlers so you have the extra heat around your hair when they're settling. But when I do have them heating for quite some time, I tend to have a small cloth or clean face towel beside me to cling the clips onto while I'm curling the rollers into my hair so that they don't somehow stick/melt to each other in case. I love this set. I love anything by Remington. I believe they are high-end quality and affordable. I do hope you enjoyed the review :)

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Makayla Rose said...

Hot rollers always make great, classy curls.