Stia Couture

Okay okay okay so... is there a possibility that a girl can have a crush on everything in a store online? I hope so because I feel like I'm having that moment. 'Loveable jewelry for everyday!' is Stia Couture's logo on their Etsy homepage and wandering through it, I believe it all to be true. It's all in each piece. They come with simplicity and I would surely love to have a few pieces to wear on the daily. Their stackable options are gorgeous and their matching rings are too pretty to miss. I never thought I'd like the gold so much but I do along with some of the druzy stones that add texture. I never wear anything but a watch on my arm or anything in my lobes besides my crystal tear-drop earrings. But I'm too infatuated by the skinny bands and the dangly earrings are just tempting. Rings, bangles, earrings... yes please.