Trying New Things

I'm one of those people who order the same things every time. As much as I'd really want to have something that isn't like what I always have, I just find comfort in knowing what I always like and that if I do decide on getting what I usually do, it will satisfy me. Honestly, I'm quite too attached to my comfort zone to have any need or want to step out and try something else. But there are just some things in life that I'll always prefer over many other things, otherwise I spend quite some time developing mental arguments of whether or not I should take a plunge on something else. Impulse is rare but is also recommended. In the last few weeks there are plenty of things I've decided to try out of curiosity, boredom and desperation. For me, these took days of contemplation, even if it was the smallest of things to mention. 

Since one of my lovely tear drop earrings fell out, I had been looking for new ones to replace them and then I considered purchasing a pair of hooped earrings. Once I have earrings in, I don't change them until they break or fall out because I forgot I'll have other pairs waiting to be showcased or forget to take them out to put my daily ones on or something. So I just don't change them, ever (unless this changes too). I love my new pair and I was hoping for a bigger diameter but these do me just fine and like pearls and diamonds, you don't need to think twice about how well your outfit looks with them in. I also decided on getting a bob cut. My cousin's friend did my hair for me and she did an absolutely wonderful job! She worked underneath my hair for the most part as I have thick boofy hair and her work has helped tame it. I love short hair. I love cuts in general as they make my head feel so much lighter. I get my hair cut at shoulder length once a year and ironically, I always end up giving myself extra time on my hair because things don't like to stay down. I've steered away from bob cuts because they're even more to style and I'm lazy. I love the feel of nothing touching my shoulders when I get out of the shower and getting ready is effortless. Lastly, I purchased this skirt from Sheinside and when it arrived, hearts formed around my eyes. But Pairing anything with pastels for me means only whites, off whites or blacks. It's not because I don't have an eye for matching things with them (although I probably don't), but it's more because I just like how it looks that way. But for me to choose to wear a pastel palette ensemble was a real deal breaker for me. But I'm glad I chose something cute today.

Dotti Jumper
Sheinside Skirt
London Rebel Flats
Dangerfield Apple Bag
Supre Jacket
Colette Hair Clip
Casio Watch

Pictures taken by Peter


Makayla Rose said...

I can relate. Sticking to what you know eliminates the fear of being disappointed. Although I do like to try new things... there are some areas in life that are best untouched.
I love your hair, your skirt, your sweater! It's all so cute! The hair cut suits you well! The skirt is so elegant & gives off a 'innocent' vibe.

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