I'm sure you've seen Ruskii and Poo-Chu on the blog from time to time but I really wanted to take the time to appreciate these warm companions of mine. I gave them both a bath today and I wish I could somehow upload the way they smell for you to sniff...

Poo-Chu is a pomeranian x fox terrier and Ruskii is a jack russell x pomeranian. Pooch is a nervous girl but when you first meet her, she's sweet and will most likely be inclined to politely ask you for a pat for as long as she can get one. Ruskii is a goofball that won't tip toe around the puddles, but rather stomp into them and stare back at you with pride and gratitude. I love these two mutts and since today's winter day decided to bless us with some sun, there was no excuse not to give them a bath. I use Divine Pets shampoo after soaking their coats and the scent is so pleasant to bathe them with. It's also quite relaxing to have my hands in their warm water massaging their fur as I smell all sorts of its aromas with eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender blends. Pooch gets an extra treat for her longer coat with Pet Head Furtastic cream rinse as it really helps to soften her locks and also assist with detangling after her bath. It also makes her smell like freshly baked muffins and all sorts of yummy treats but Ruskii doesn't really need to use it as she barely has any hair. As a result, I get two babes that smell completely different. 

I love that their personalities aren't the same but it's sometimes difficult when you have two female canines in your family pack as they like to fight each other for dominance, or just fight over the only male in the house which is my dad. But besides all the arguing, they are the sweetest losers that my family loves


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